Daniel Crawshaw’s return to Wales follows a highly successful few years exploring the landscapes of Australia. This exhibition is his first solo show at Martin Tinney Gallery. It demonstrates an extraordinary body of work that enhances his reputation as one of our leading contemporary landscape painters.

Daniel’s work has been selected for ‘The National Eisteddfod of Wales’ a remarkable nine times and was awarded the People’s Choice in 2004. He has built up a loyal and enthusiastic following through solo exhibitions in Wales, London and Australia. Born and raised on the English/Welsh border, he subsequently spent many years in Mid Wales.

His search for inspiration, along with his love of the outdoors and desire for adventure takes him through dramatic and imposing landscapes. In seeking out beauty in remote and inhospitable places, hundreds of photographs are faithfully produced. Daniel then translates these to canvas with an almost jarring quality, often on an exhilarating and monumental scale.

His almost photographic paintings ignite our emotions. Haunting yet with a sense of calm, they capture the cold atmosphere of high altitude regions. Exposed to dizzying heights, the Welsh landscape begins to disappear in vaporous clouds, amplifying the viewer’s sense of awe and diminution. Through meticulous research and exploration in the field he manages to express the experience of place without necessarily revealing where this place may be. He currently has work in the Jerwood Drawing Prize and has been selected for The Oriel Davies Open this year. The exhibition consists of approximately 25 new paintings demands to be see first hand to appreciate fully these wonderful works.