The exhibition "The Best of 2015” starts on Thursday 2th of July at the Medusa Art Gallery. It is a selection of the best works among those exhibited throughout the season.

Yannis Kondaratos will be presenting large oil paintings with curvilinear configurations which allude to enduring human members or bodies. Simplicity of composition, persistence in symmetry, formalization and abstraction are combined with descriptive details which enhance the significance of the figures and intensify their corporeality

Elli Koutsoukelli will be showing works with ink on paper of large dimensions drawing originally their subject matter from facades and interiors of historical buildings together with black and white charcoal drawings which stand between representation and abstraction . As Elizabeth Plessa comments: “The ink in these works is used with the gravity of oil, in thick pastes that emphasise the traces of a gestural painting. The whiteness of the paper, the only background to these compositions, comes as an absolute light that mercilessly penetrates the ruins of temples and houses to dematerialise them, projecting onto their black surfaces the power of a suspended beauty”.

A neo-pop narrative characterises the art of Costas Tsiknis, as Ap. Artinos writes: “Entries that exhaust —and are exhausted at— the surface of their image. Painterly gestures that occupy the space and demarcate their spots. What is deposited on the painted surfaces of Tsiknis is the repetitiveness of the moments as they are brought together in the hologrammatic allure of a magical image”. εικόνας».