On Thursday, January 21 at 8.00 in the evening Maria Demetriades opens the latest exhibition of Eleni Zouni at the Medusa Art Gallery.

After the Letterfroms she presented at the Epigraphical Museum in 2013, Eleni Zouni returns with a new body of work which reflects her continuing interest in the visual aspect of writing and morphology in nature.

The subject areas and functions that Eleni Zouni examines in her painting include the forms generated by the hand through automatic and repetitive motions, the importance of rhythm and slowing down during the drawing process, the wise symmetry of the composition but also the dynamic symmetry we find in the morphology of plants, crystals, minerals, organisms and cells.

The abstract works of Zouni, be they paintings on wood or ink on paper and transparencies, bring to mind the shapes formed on the basis of a complex and balanced system in which control is as important as the random element. Just as in calligraphy, her works reflect the pleasure of modulating time. As the outcome of a sensitive and reflective process of a strongly ritualistic character, the painting of Eleni Zouni reveals the liberating power of signs and lines, at the same time disputing the dominant presence of images and representations.

Curator of the exhibition: Christoforos Marinos