On Thursday, March 12 at 8.00 in the evening Maria Demetriades opens the solo exhibition of Yannis Kondaratos at the Medusa Art Gallery.

The artist presents a series of large oil paintings with curvilinear configurations which allude to enduring human members or bodies. Simplicity of composition, persistence in symmetry, formalization and abstraction are combined with descriptive details which enhance the significance of the figures and intensify their corporeality. Through the concise and ambiguous character of his works, the artist aspires to activate various areas of collective memory and to induce a multiplicity of readings and interpretations. However, in some cases he refers to current difficulties, as he wishes to test the possibility of his pictorial idiom to bear against present conditions.

Yannis Kondaratos was born in Athens, 1968. He studied painting at the Athens School of Fine Atrs (1987-1992). He teaches painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, from 2003 as a special research and education assistant, and from 2010 as lecturer. He has presented his work in three solo and more than twenty group exhibitions. He has also participated in scientific conferences and he has published books and texts on history and theory of art.