A+B gallery, Brescia is pleased to announce the opening of “Monsieur Fanta!” an exhibition of paintings by Tiziano Martini (Soltau, 1983). The exhibited works were created in the studio he has been assigned as resident artist for the year 2015 at the Lipsien Art foundation in Düsseldorf.

Monsieur Fanta! is the character the artist is involuntarily embodying since he started wearing a blue cap with an old Fanta logo on it. Monsieur Fanta! Is the name of the exhibition because there is a curious coincidence between the Fanta logo and the artist’s creation. The big Fanta logo on the cap created a sort of self-parody, in daily life friends and unknown people started calling him Mister Fanta and the artist is playing with it.

Monsieur Fanta replaces Tiziano Martini like when realizing the painting Tiziano Martini steps back and becomes a viewer of the unique, accidental and creative act of his artwork. After deciding which colors to use, Martini activates some procedures on the canvas causing oozy objects to realize extraordinary paintings. It’s always possible to recognize the artist’s sensibility, but his decisions are not really final, after all.

Thanks to chemistry, environmental conditions, analogic action and stratification the works presented at A+B can be considered in two directions: one is extremely monochromatic, the oozy objects impress their lightness and precarious conditions on the environmental conditions. In the second way, rigidity and pressure of the involved elements appear as informal gestures and replace the artist when the masses of the colors adapt to the hard plastic surface that collected the matter of the previous works.

Tiziano Martini (Soltau, 1983) lives and works between Val di Zoldo and Düsseldorf. He graduated in 2007 at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Venice.

He is currently resident artist for the year 2015 at the Lipsien Art Foundation in Düsseldorf. Among his solo shows: Catalizzatore, Ottozoo, Milano (2014); Two men and one mountain, Galerie Potemka, Leipzig (2012); Crash & Cut-Up, Studio d’arte Cannaviello, Milan, text by Gianluca d’Incà Levis (2011); Abstraction-Action, Studio d’arte Cannaviello, Milan (2009). Among his most recent group exhibitions: Volumes, Kunstverein Kolnberg, Cologne (2015) Die grosse, Museum Kunst Palast, Düsseldorf (2015); CsO, Operativa Arte Contemporanea, Rome (2015); Public Privacy, Studio Alice Pedroletti, Milan (2015); Throught painting, Fondazione Rivoli, Milan (2015); Prière de toucher 3, MARS, Milan (2014); 2000 Maniacs – The Big Instant Painting Show, Art Verona, Verona (2014); Una collettiva di pittura contemporanea, CARS, Omegna, Verbania (2014); Landina, Villa Giulia, Verbania (2014); La religione del mio tempo, Kunsthalle Eurocenter Lana, Bolzano (2014); The Inner/Outside (Bivouacs), Museo di Casso, Pordenone (2014); Marquee Moon, Tierry Goldberg, New York (2014); #Painting. About, around & within, Upp Gallery, Venice (2014); My alphabet, MARS, Milan (2014). He took part to the exhibition at the Bevilacqua La Masa Foundation, Venice, with the artwork How we dwell (2014). Finalist for the Celeste Award, PAN, Napoli (2013).