A+B Contemporary Art is delighted to present “Bobbi”, an exhibition by Stephanie Stein and Tobias Hoffknecht, two artists who mainly use sculpture and installation.

Both analyze space like an intangible reality to deconstruct, shape and renew reality, Tobias using commonly known objects, Stephanie creating elements that cross surfaces and wrench the veiled relationships of the environments of her works.

Bobbi features a new work created by the merging of the two different researches of the artists. The exhibition space will be transformed thanks to a total transparency of a majestic sculpture.

Stephanie Stein’s installations are delicately minimalist. The artist organizes and coordinates her works not considering only space, light and shadows but also dimensions and movement, creating an alteration of the space. Stephanie’s works become interspaces, planned and modified with wood and cord compositions. The aim of these impalpable and almost suspended lines is to open spaces for indetermination and to cause a rift in what is determined in that location; the focus is not on space as matter but on its intangible feature.

Placing commonly used objects reduced to their minimalist shapes, Tobias Hoffknecht tries to burst into space transforming it, dividing it, seizing it; the bond between sculpture and installation becomes a mutual renewal with the surfaces and causes a process in the viewer, who first can recognize the element and can then see the references to daily life, that are sometimes recalled in the name of the artwork.

These steel and pvc sculptures try to summarize the contrast between the object’s stiffness/austerity and coldness and the original idea, creating a continuous comparison and crash.

Stephanie Stein (Kiel, 1972) lives and works in Cologne. She graduated at the Kunstakademie in Düsseldorf with Rosemarie Trockel. She also studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Akademie in Amsterdam and the Cooper Union for the Advanced Science and Art in New York. She has been awarded a studio at the Imhoff-Stiftung und Kölnischer Kunstevrein in Cologne between 2011 and 2014.

Most relevant solo shows: Natalia Hug Gallery Natalia Hug Gallery, Kӧln, D, text: Geometries of Indeterminacy by Marcus Steinweg (2013), Drunken Sailor, Jagla Ausstellungsraum, Kӧln, D (2012), #38, Bar Orenella, Kӧln, D (2010). Most relevant group exhibitions: TOTALE 2014, Maschinenhaus Essen, D (2014), L’Avventura – Die mit der Liebe spielen, Palazzo Guaineri delle Cossere, Brescia (2014), Ifinito, Maschinenhaus Essen, D (2014), Jahresgabenausstellung Kӧlnischer Kunstverein, D (2013), The End, Q-Box Gallery, Athens (2013).

Tobias Hoffknecht (Bochum, 1987) lives and works in Cologne. He graduated at the Art Academy in Düsseldorf in Rosemarie Trockel’s class in 2013.

Most relevant solo shows: Softline, Kunstverein Bochum, Bochum, D (2015), Rehearsal, Jan Kaps, Cologne, D (2013), Auf den Sitzen, Kunstverein Leverkusen Schloss Morsbroich, Leverkusen, D (2013). Among his group shows: L’Avventura – Die mit der Liebe spielen, Palazzo Guaineri delle Cossere, Brescia, IT (2014), Frauen, Die Ausstellung, Autocenter, Berlin, D (2014), Body Light, Venus & Apoll, Düsseldorf, D (2013), 5X5 2013, Espai d’art Contemporani de Castelló, Castellón, ES (2013), The End, Q-Box Gallery, Athens (2013).