Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House presents a new exhibition opening on 12th of June until 2nd of July with Alice White, Gloria Sulli and Roberto Montanari. “A New Wave” is the next step of a project started over a year ago when Alice White was selected by ZSL of London to develop the idea of connecting art to science. Back then, she started a research about animal and coral’s species at the Zoo’s Aquarium making some drawings, sketches and paintings, some of which have been displayed at the ZSL since last April. Since the very first moment she became very passionate about the project and she is now presenting some of her works at Le Dame Art Gallery.

Two Italian artists Gloria Sulli and Roberto Montanari are joining Alice White’s works to give the viewer a more extended artistic vision of the marine life.

Gloria Sulli’s technique consists in injecting polyurethane into a metallic structure to reproduce mystical sculptures of animals and corals. She also proposes a video installation where the sea is a metaphorical protagonist. Roberto Montanari’s photography depicts the calm and silence of the abyss. “A New Wave” promises the visitor a deep and overwhelming immersion in the undersea world.