Kate Moss eagerly awaits your presence now.

Le Dame Art Gallery is pleased to present I Am A Celebrity; Therefore I Exist, a new series of original oil drawings on canvas and on canvas paper in which Belenguer explores the idolisation of the celebrity status. He cannily mixes portraits of famous and non-famous individuals at which point we become unable to distinguish who is whom.

Belenguer's minimalist style allows us to explore the human being behind the persona that always surrounds the celebrity status regardless of how ordinary Instagram updates seem to appear. Similar body of work was selected for a group show titled No Soul For Sale at the Tate Modern 10th anniversary in May 2010.

Belenguer says: “I'm fascinated the way celebrity culture has evolved specially since Instagram became the direct channel between the famous people and their fans. The false sense of accessibility is what I'm interested in. Beyonce is followed by over 40 million people. Much above the population of big countries like Canada.” Chiara Canal & Cristina Cellini Antonini, the directors of Le Dame gallery, add: “We're delighted that Belenguer accepted our invitation to create new drawings for his first solo show in London for over three years. His minimal style is very evocative and inspiring and hope the visitors enjoy his distinctive approach. Lorenzo has shown in the Tate Modern and participated in performances at the ICA and Serpentine Gallery and is a privilege to be working with him again.”