Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House present Eden, a new solo exhibition by artist Rafal Zawistowski. Curated by Miguel Mallol, the exhibition is displayed from 12th November until the 3rd December 2015.

After his participation at ARTROOMS 2015 last January, Rafal Zawistowski lands in Le Dame Art Gallery to present his new series of landscapes. Eight pieces representing the world that surrounds him, enchanted forests where the viewer can drift around looking at an infinite spectrum of colors. There is a contrast with the calm depicted in his works and the strident colors that followed him along his career.

Rafal considers himself a contemporary artisan and his works are a continue stratification of layers to reach the result that he obsessively follows. Rafal’s career has been developed starting within the abstraction where the chromaticism was the key. The viewer in this exhibition will be able to see the evolution from abstraction to figurative, where light, depth and colors will guide the path.

He was born in Poland and grown in Canada, he spent also a year in Florence where developed his strong relation with the masters’ techniques and the main tool of his work: the color.

He assures that in EDEN we can appreciate a “feeling through the materiality of paint using traditional techniques from the renaissance in my practice. The duality is an essential point that composed my work, drawing on the metaphor of tightrope; playing with the notion of beauty and ugliness within the same space. Landscape has an important presence within the history of art, my inspiration comes from my beautiful surroundings, which I transform into ephemeral spaces that do and do not exist. I explore landscape by stripping away the beauty, yet at the same time, I am also to craving to bring it back. The end results are, transcendent paintings, which overwhelm the viewer both in colour, materials and context. My work is made keeping to traditional craftsmanship of the Old Master; this link between craft and art is in the material. By reverting to old tested methods and doing everything from making gesso and paint my work blends tradition and contemporary practices of fine art and tradition”.