Le Dame Art Gallery at Meliá White House presents Toys, the first solo exhibition by the Spanish artist Rubén Fuentes Fuertes. The exhibition, which has been curated by Miguel Mallol, will take place at the Meliá White House, London from December, the 10th 2015 to January, the 7th 2016.

Rubén’s exhibition will constitute a personal retrospective of his work though his young age. He has been playing with wood since his childhood. His sculptures meticulously assemble wooden pieces and sawdust discarded by furniture companies located in his area, Paterna (Valencia). He fully employs his wide knowledge on timber, hardness and colours.

Rubén grew up in a familiar environment surrounded by Art. He used to visit exhibitions, to read art catalogues and to handle works of art. He gets inspiration from sculptors Baselitz, Richard Arstchwager and Richard Deacon though his favourite is the British Tony Cragg. In his works of art Rubén shows a carpenter-like style whilst employs wood and metal. His production can be labelled as ‘Post-Modern’ though it also involves Art Povera and Pop Art styles. YBA artistic tendencies have also played a crucial role on his education. Fuentes’s series of works or art are mostly autobiographical. Colour constitutes the most awe-inspiring component of his work together with light and shape. Colour drops, in fact, are purposely conceived as voluminous and dynamical rather than casually.

Toys follows Notaries, Goya, Gallerists, Pianos and Cactus as one of Fuente’s most remarkable work of art series. It depicts daily artist’s life where he feels more comfortable. It is worth mentioning that one of Fuertes’s works employs Compac Technological Quartz., whose project is supported by Compac.

Rubén Fuentes Fuertes was born in Valencia, Spain. He graduated in Sagrado Corazón and got an MA degree in St. Charles Fine Arts University, Valencia. He has been awarded by the Sculpture Open Call 100 Kubik, Cologne and by the International Etching Festival. He also has been pre-selected by the prestigious Canson International Drawing Prix. He has taken part to many solo and group exhibitions in New York, Sao Paulo, Santiago de Chile, Mexico DF, Buenos Aires, Cologne as well as in Casa de Vacas, Madrid and Antonio López Foundation, Cuenca. His works are currently displayed in public galleries in Spain and abroad as well as privately collected, too.