"He will continue to do his exploration to the house whose keys you gave him, the reader. There are a number of things that accumulate around you: fans, postcards, jars, necklaces hanging on the wall. But each object seen near proves to be special in some unexpected way. Your relationship with objects is confidential and selective: only the things you feel are yours become yours: it is a relationship with the physicality of things, not an intellectual or emotional idea that replaces the act of seeing them and touching them. And once assimilated by your person, marked by your possession, the objects no longer have the feel of being there by chance, they take on meaning as part of a speech, as a memory made of signs and badges. Are you possessive? Maybe there is not yet enough evidence to say; for now it can be said that you are possessive towards yourself, that you grasp onto the signs you identify yourself with, fearing to lose yourself with them”.
Italo Calvino, If on a winter's night a traveler

The still lifes. The presence, the confrontation between things, its weight, its evocative power. A game about appearances, between what it appears to be and what they remind us of. The images arise in several ways. They may appear casually in sentences in books, in a newspaper, in another image. They may be inside the mind for a long time. They are often a response to other paintings, or just their descendants. They may be at the door, in the carpet: the fruits of the night hunting of the cats. They also appear when walking, or while cleaning the garden (an accidental archeology by chance).

More than searching, the work is mainly to be aware, to recognize, to find.

João Francisco born in Torres Vedras in 1984. Works and lives in Lisbon and Torres Vedras. Graduated in Fine Arts-Painting from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Lisbon.In 2007 and in 2008 participates in the design authoring workshop in Ar.Co in Lisbon.