Dorothy Circus Gallery is proud to present Tara McPherson’s First Solo Show in Rome, which will be displayed from the next June 11th 2015 till September 26th in the Gallery’s Red Hall .The american artist, has been first introduced to the italian audience by Dorothy Circus Gallery back in the early 2009, during the “Inside Nostalghia” group show, made in collaboration with the Jonathan LeVine Gallery. Tara McPherson has been more recently exhibited in Italy on 2013, for “Lacrima Aquarium”: an institutional group exhibition curated by Alexandra Mazzanti (Dorothy Circus Gallery) which brought to the stage 33 international artists with artworks inspired by the theme of Water, in the charming and exclusive location of the “Acquario Romano”. Tara McPherson is one of the most impressive and original female artist from the “pop surrealism” art movement, a true prime mover and master of the contaminated technique generated by the mix of the most refined illustration skills with the most patient and expert oil painting study. Since 2006 McPherson is a resident artist of Jonathan Levine Gallery and a leading artist of contemporary art magazine Juxtapoz.

“I Know it By Heart” is the title chose by the artist for her first italian solo exhibition, which will feature the artwork created and exhibited for “Scope Art Fair” exhibition in Miami: the “Quantum Dancer”. This amazing oil on board painting represents the “female divinity”, an ethereal and mystical figure, which symbolizes the power of creation and destruction. McPherson’s new body of work will turn out all the contents of the artist iconography with a newfound vision of Love and Creation that comes from the artist personal life experience of becoming a mother.

The Girl With No Heart, Orion, was born as a female figure with a heart-shaped void in her torso to represent resilience and strength not like a victim but as a beacon of light.

McPherson's emotional totems are giving the proper room to breathe, telling stories on outer space, or moving her frame of reference to the underwater depths, they always offer a romantic and spiritual vision of loneliness and void, depicted as vast and unknown environs, where all the reflections of ourselves can live in harmony, extending their hands to other dreamers and feel a cosmic energy passing as a Mantra through that empty-shaped hearts bridging the lonely gaps of imagination.

Now, with another surprising and charming color palette ,this female icon will move us and guide us through an unseen constellation of feelings and emotions.

The show will present 8 brand new pieces, created during the artist residency in Rome, and a large selection of the most representative rock posters illustrated by the artist as the ones she made for artists such as Death Cab for Cutie, the Melvins, Beck, Franz Ferdinand...and many more.

During her stay in Rome, Tara McPherson will paint her first mural project in a very central area of the City, and her work will be included in the social activism releted street art project “Spray 4 your Rights”.

Tara McPherson was born in San Francisco in 1976 and raised in Los Angeles. She received her BFA in Illustration and in Fine Art from Art Center in Pasadena, CA in August 2001 with honors.

She interned at Rough Draft Studios, working on Matt Groening’s “Futurama” during college. Tara McPherson is an artist based in New York City.

Connecting illustration and fine art, McPherson changed the face of the art world adding a refreshing outlook with her heart-wrenching themes, seductive color palette and clean graphic approach, becoming one of the most impressive and original female artist from the pop surrealism art movement, true prime mover and master of the contaminated technique generated by the mix of the most refined illustration skills with the most patient and expert oil painting study.

People and their relationships are a central theme throughout her work.

Creating art about people and their odd ways, her characters seem to exude an idealized innocence with a glimpse of hard earned wisdom in their eyes. Recalling myths and legends, issues from childhood and good old life experience, she creates images that are thought provoking and seductive.

McPherson has created numerous gig posters for rock bands focusing more on the quality of the illustration than on some predetermined band aesthetic, giving re-birth and new form to a genre that had trailed off into oblivion, with a clean, soft and colored signature code she creadte posters for artists such as Beck, Modest Mouse, Melvins, Depeche Mode, PJ Harvey, Franz Ferdinand, Death Cab For Cutie and many more... She Has been nominated the crown princess of poster art also by ELLE Magazine.

Tara McPherson exhibits her paintings and serigraphs in fine art galleries all over the world.