Sally Moore was born in Barry, South Wales in 1962. She trained at the Ruskin School of Art, Oxford, and subsequently won a scholarship to study at the British School in Rome. From an early stage in her career Sally’s paintings made an impact, winning her awards at the National Eisteddfod, and at the 1996 Discerning Eye Exhibition in London, where William Packer awarded her the critic’s prize. In 2005 she won the Welsh Artist of the Year Award.

Because of her painstakingly detailed style of painting, Sally’s exhibitions are infrequent - this show consists of only 18 new paintings. Her work depicts dramatic and intriguing stories of everyday life. She pieces together both the reality and the imagined to create paintings full of narrative.

“The paintings in my new exhibition are about people and animals. They can be tame or wild, caged or free, and the drama is often set in a domestic environment. The themes are based on real life experiences and observations of the roles and games people play. I approach my subject matter with a playful spirit in order to discover and reveal the bizarre and surreal in the everyday, to enhance reality and to make it seem more magical.”

Sally’s work is in numerous public and private collections, including the National Museum & Gallery of Wales, National Library of Wales, Newport Museum and the Contemporary Art Society.