The exhibition Neblina arises from the experience of walking around the Mont Blanc in the Alps - Tour du Mont Blanc - a route with a distance of 174km, that crosses through France. Switzerland and Italy.

The areas of greatest interest ranged from the rocky landscape to pure white landscapes.

The fog, light, dark, atmospheric pressure and its color gradations boosted an array of experience that allowed to capture the intimate landscapes and understanding the perception of the basic elements of the surrounding nature. The blue of the ice glacier and the snow, the large mass of rocky buildings, allowed access to this idea of distance and the almost cold rigidity that the relationship body-to-body (man-landscape) so requires.

The fog became the most common presence throughout the journey, visual scenery composing the lye and therefore, becomes the basic building element of paintings. The fog prevails over all the elements of the Alps and creates a visual idea of unity. which to locate on the top of the mountain, high above the eye level, forms the border between heaven and earth.

Pedro Vaz (Maputo,1977) graduated in Painting at the Faculty of Fine Arts - University of Lisbon.

In 2014, he is awarded the international Beers Contemporary Awards for Emerging Art, London, and his project Tour du Mont-Blanc is funded by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation and Duplacena. That same year two individual exhibitions stand out: Tour du Mont Blanc, inserted in the Temps d'Image 2014 Festival, exhibited in MNAC: Museu Nacional de Arte Contemporanea do Chiado in Lisbon. and Stimmung exhibted in CAPC - Circulo de Artes Plasticas de Coimbra. As to the collectives: Raukoon - Pedro Vaz X Joao Queiroz at CAPC (Coimbra Fine Arts Circle) alongside another project 50 Years of Galeria 111 in Lisbon.

Lives and works in Lisbon.