Ivana Murišić is a young designer from Nikšić. She graduated from Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts in 2010 from the department of Stage and Contemporary Costumes. Since then she has been taking part in various fashion weeks. In January of 2011, she opened her own studio in Belgrade. She completed her internship in the National Theatre of Montenegro and her costumes are worn by actors in two plays: ”Walking Throne” and ”Hamlet in the village of Smrduša Donja”.

Her models are unusual, innovative, daring and questioning boundaries. Recently, she presented her work at both Belgrade, Montenegrin Fashion Weeks and afterwards to the audience in Budapest.
For WSI Magazine, she explores her way through the world of fashion, attitudes and reflects the essence of design.

When have you decided to become a fashion designer? Do you remember your first creation?

My first creations were for my Barbie Dolls. Each one of them had few combinations with my signature. In my childhood, my mother made clothes for my sisters and me, so I made it for my dolls. With her help I learned to sew and fell in love with fashion. In high school I decided it should be my profession and that’s how it all started.

Why have you chosen design and not modelling?

It’s because I’m creating through design and that I couldn't achieve with modelling. Fashion appeals to me because of that possibility of creation, liberty and experimentation. Fashion tells everything in your name and you don’t have to explain it with words. I am more of a visual type less verbal, so the possibility of expressing through the images and drawing is very close to me.

Which materials do you use the most while creating?

I like mixture of materials. Mostly, I use solid fabrics like leather, twill, damask, wool, and to a smaller extent muslin, silk and satin.

Who do you consider to be a timeless of style, and who would you say it could be today?

I don’t have one particular person that I would choose, but I‘d mention: Tilda Swinton, Robyn, Bjork, and in our region… I’m amazed by the style of Josipa Lisac.

Tell us your impressions from the last fashion week in Belgrade and Budapest.

My impressions are very positive. I presented my work for the first time in Budapest. So, I actually remember it with very strong emotions. I’m feeling overjoyed because I got very positive reviews and because the audience honoured the collection with a great applause.

Have you considered going aboard and showing your work to the world?

Sure. The next collection is intended exclusively for the foreign markets. It will be presented with a lot more models and it is going to take some time until I officially present it.

Is female fashion your definite choice? What about male fashion?

I find women’s wear a lot more grateful for experimenting with outfits, materials and various combinations. Male fashion demands some limits, strict forms, individual colours. This is the main reason why I have chosen female fashion.

Where does your inspiration come from?

In different things such as music or painting, but usually in details and handwork. I want to achieve bigger volume - three-dimensional models. That is where the inspiration begins and it flows away from.

Have you found your personal style? What do you usually wear?

In the winter I wear artificial fur coats in different colours, dresses. All this is followed by big shoes with platforms.

What are you doing when you’re not working? Is it possible to make a living just by designing?

When I’m not creating I think about my next collection, I’m preparing models. So even in my free time I’m obsessed with fashion. I live for it: spiritually and materially.

Do you create for your friends? Are they and your family helping you with your work?

I used to make clothes for my friends before, but now unfortunately I’m very busy and I can’t find the time for it now. My family is completely involved and friends are helping, too. Without them I could not achieve all that I have.

Do you think that clothes are more than just mere covering for the body? Do you express your opinion through fashion? Does it have an impact on society?

Clothes speak a lot more than we are aware. It reveals our attitudes, our moods, our spirit, but unfortunately, also, our social status.

Which person has had the greatest influence on fashion over the years?

I think that we’re not talking about one person, but a lifestyle. We’re in the middle of the overproduction era and we’re surrounded with cheap clothes of poor quality, and few fashion brands in malls dictate current trends.

Favourite quote about fashion?

“Fashion should be a form of escapism, and not a form of imprisonment” – Alexander Mc Queen.

Tell us something about your plans for the next year?

I’m very focused on my next collection which will be showcased in April.