Milena Čavić
Joined Meer in August 2014
Milena Čavić

Milena writes… A lot. She published on-line. She won awards. She nurtured her love of words and studied journalism. She loves all arts - be it literature, movies, theatre, music, painting, photography, architecture or gastronomy (which is, in her opinion, also an art). She adores reading about cultures of foreign lands, and their stories. She loves travelling. Always an adventure seeker, always on the lookout for interesting people, with a keen ear and a kind word, here is what she has to say.

Nearly 25 years of age and forever young in body and spirit. Pick-headedly refusing to grow up and become a boring adult. She keeps a youthful and fresh perspective on life, which most certainly shows in her writing.

She believes in equality and inclusion and that is why she dedicates her time to the NGO "Institute for Social Inclusion" and she occasionally contributes to the Online Newspaper “Refleksija”.

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