Reading between the lines, passing beyond the ground, breaking the barriers by exploring diverse spaces; the artist collective Beyond The Ground – Eva Scherly, Gabriella Saniotto, Monika Schodowska and Rachel Tan – collaborate with Erkonos Industries to present their first exhibition based in Switzerland

Beyond The Ground is a collective of four artists:

Eva Scherly, Gabriella Saniotto, Monika Schodowska and Rachel Tan

Originating from different countries and recently graduated from University of the Arts London (Camberwell College of Arts). Beyond The Ground were interested in collaborating with ARCOOP and Alexandre Schönhaus, founder of Erkonos Industries (an association created to support a variety of cultural and artistic projects on a local or international scale) by fusing their artistic practice in an artisanal context to create an event that is accessible to each and every one of us. This exhibition deals with diversity in its largest sense; being through history, politics or the individual. The artists wish to present culturally eclectic work that blends within this building and the powerful differences in all the industries that inhabit it. Calling upon a variety of visitors, these artists wish to develop the possibility of a new emerging movement in modernity where the public can explore, discover and wonder between space, time and medium. Beyond The Ground has associated their ideas and interests to establish this title, which permits them to project in different directions whilst maintaining a guiding thread in their practice. The exhibition will comprise of a variety of mediums from photography to 3D installations. Each artist’s goal is to convey the complexity of our nature as human beings and the intricacy of this multicultural world translated into the visual realm.

These artists emerging from different parts of the world have combined their diverging practices to transmit their vision of the world and our origins.

An event not to be missed if you’re planning a trip to Switzerland in the New Year!

Private view:

Thursday, 5th of February from 6 to 9pm
Preceded by a debate from 4 to 6pm with artists and guests