Eva  Scherly
Joined Meer in December 2014
Eva Scherly

Eva Scherly is a Swiss artist based in London. Being born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland (1990), Eva Scherly has always nurtured a passion for the image and photography itself; which is what led her to complete a BA (hons) Photography at Camberwell College of Arts, University of the Arts London in July 2014. Eva’s interests are based around the tie between art as a practical tool of expression and its potential to be translated through the indefinite possibilities of language and words. She is fascinated with the existing bond between communication through language and artworks, which are two aspects that go hand in hand as they represent both sides of the artistic spectrum. Eva’s work focuses on rhythm produced by actions that provoke a meditative-like trance. The key concepts in her work are repetition, performance, trace and matter. The guiding line of her practice rests within continuity and a cyclical exploration where beginning and end meet. By varying between performance, video, sound and installation, she builds an environment that immerses the viewer into the unknown. Eva focuses her work on the process of creating by exploring techniques such as photograms, camera obscuras, video projection or plasterwork. She questions the rapport that human beings develop to their roots by submerging us in a destabilising environment. Eva has organised and participated in various group shows in the United Kingdom since 2010. She has also been involved in an art collective based in London that will start to exhibit on an international scale in 2015.

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