Natalia Gromicho presents the second edition of "Stock Off", a exhibition with more than 200 available works, that Natália shows to everyone that comes to her atelier, her in Lisbon.

Last year, the "Stock Off" was visited by over 1000 people, only in the month of December, this year the artist will extend the event period, still starting in October and ends in December.

The artist's work can also be seen in London (at the Hay Hill Gallery), in the USA for several galleries and art consultants in New York and Miami, in India (the Cervantes Institute and Instituto Camoes until the end of the year).

Natalia Gromicho has more than 70 exhibitions around the world, celebrates 20 years of career next year and is one of the Portuguese contemporary artists with more prominence career worldwide, with exhibitions in Australia, United States, France, Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, India and Portugal.

The opening is next Friday 24th ace 3pm where the artist will invite some friends to the presentation of new works created for this initiative.

Natália Gromicho was born in Lisbon, Portugal. Graduating in Belas Artes from the Faculdade de Belas Artes de Lisboa, she specialized in painting.

Studying Arts and Crafts, including ceramics, the Portuguese painter, also graduated from the private ArCo School of Art in Lisbon, where she undertook Intensive Painting. Natalia has additionally, specialized in sculpture with the collaboration of Cuban artist, Hans Varela, undertaking several painting workshops.

More than 70 solo and group exhibitions, Natalia represented her country in international exhibition such as Italy (in the biggest international Human Rights exhibition), in Brazil (the most important south America Arts and Fashion Exhibition Casa Cor), in Miami (World Tour Exhibitions Contemporary Artists) and the first Portuguese Artist in Adelaide, Australia (Adelaide Fringe Festival), New York (The Power of Perception II represent Portugal), Moscow (Russia invited by the Portuguese Embassy), France (Bordeaux invited to present her work for comemoration of Portugal day at the emassy). She sold artworks for many countries, like Portugal, Brazil, Spain, United States, UK, France, Italy, Holland and Australia.

Winner of several contests for exemple “Best Rolling Stone Alternative Logo” for Major Portuguese Radio Comercial in 1999 (win a trip to London and meet Rolling Stones in Bridges to Babylon Tour in Wembley.