This exhibition celebrates the remarkable career of painter William Wilkins and the publication of a lavishly illustrated book by David Fraser Jenkins.

David Fraser Jenkins who was curator a the National Museum of Wales and Tate Gallery, says: 'The paintings of William Wilkins are some of the most beautiful things that I have seen that have been made in my lifetime.'

'I can think for few modern painters who can paint a group of bowls or pots on a polished wood surface to such ravishing effect.' John Russell Taylor, The Times

'There is something very original in his work - a purity of tine that sets his paintings apart from anything else that they may seem at first glance to resemble. His eye is utterly flawless in its analysis of the light that forms his principal subject matter, and his hand is unfaltering in rendering it. The result is a series of small pictures that add up to a triumph of the painter's art.' Hilton Kramer, The New York Times

'The real triumph of William Wilkins' painting is that, for all their underlying complexities, our first sensation on encountering one of them is always a shock of delight. Their truest function is to communicate efficiently the very things that words cannot convey.' Edward Lucie-Smith.

The exhibition consists of approximately 40 paintings from different stages of William's career, including several new paintings.