Tonni Aktar

I am Tonni Aktar. Currently, I have completed my graduation from the University Of Dhaka, Bangladesh. I am a feature writer for daily newspapers in my country. I am a young researcher. This year my two papers have been published in a renowned journal. I live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Writing and Research are my passion.

I like to write about special needs children, autism, education and women-related issues.

I have some experience working with Special needs Students and was an intern teacher in Special school.

I always find my inner peace through my writing.

I am highly interested to work with Special needs children. My voice always raises against social prejudice and injustice. Always in my writing, I have repeatedly highlighted the need for a positive mindset.

Personally, I believe that a positive word can make a positive world.

I love reading books and encourage others to read books. I discover myself through writing and reading books.

My only hope is that the ink of my pen will be a weapon for the rights of the disenfranchised.

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