Dear society, I want to tell you something today. These words are on the minds of many people. Most people suffer because of the bound rules you have created. For your narrow-mindedness, we sometimes cry, feel ashamed and even lose confidence. Society, you do not know how to change? Can't you expand your vision? Thousands of people are being discriminated against for this definition. People are in sick competition to fit themselves. Society, who are you to fix this beautiful definition? Beauty cannot be measured with a definite definition. Nowadays body shaming has become a trade. Day by day the level of body-shaming is going beyond what is never desirable. It is important to be healthy, but it is not necessary to be the so-called beauty of society. From this background of society, it is understood that it is more important to practice a healthy mentality than physical beauty. Society needs to change. And everyone is beautiful, and everyone should respect everyone’s beauty.

The concept of beauty varies from one society to another. In many cases, the definition of beauty is based on faith, culture, and practice. In one society fat is beautiful and in another society thin is beautiful. There is diversity in the creation of the Creator, and this diversity is beautiful. But people often turn this diversity into inequality. So it can be realized that there is no definite definition of beauty. But society cannot understand this simple calculation. There are lots of reasons behind this.

Hundreds of businesses are flourishing in the name of beauty. In the end, people are being victimized. Obese, thin, short, black people become victims of body shaming and they become depressed. Capitalism is somehow responsible for this. Some masculine thoughts are also responsible. Whenever I see Ramp Show, I see the tall, slim and fair girls. Boys need to have a 6 pack body and stay tall. Almost, models of this figure are seen in magazine covers, TV shows, ramp shows and everywhere. But there, no black, fat, short persons are shown so much like them.

Why fat, short people are often portrayed as comedians? Most of the time obese, short people are seen as funny characters in various TV series or movies. Fat people are just a laughing stock? They are rarely seen as heroes or heroines in TV series or movies. Especially in the commercial films of Bangladesh and India, fat and short people are shown as funny characters. So the idea of “fat is one kind of joke” is being created among these viewers. A new study recently published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior that “the hourglass shape is more desirable because it's a sign of physical and sexual maturity in young women who have not been pregnant.”

Nowadays diet culture is very popular. It is also founded in the magazine, Tv shows, books, etc.

“Have you started dieting?” Obese people are always faced with this question. Many people feel ashamed and hurt when they hear these words. A variety of businesses have sprung up around diet culture. Beauty does not only depend on thin, thick, white, black, tall, short. If we look at culture, we will see that many people in Africa and Arab countries believe that overweight means richness, strength and fertility. In African country Mauritania, they also believe that obesity means beautiful and the sign of richness. So, women and girls are forced to eat more and they include Cholesterol foods in their food menu.

There has a system that is gavage. Gavage means force “feeding”. In Mauritania, gavage is known as leblouh. They also take pills to gain weight. In their society fat is considered beautiful. In the Renaissance period, they believed that “fat is beautiful.” They also thought that obesity showed value and pureness. In contrast, now in the western world, the slim body size is widely idealized. Now people in many countries are imitating this trend. If we just look a few hundred years back, we can understand that it’s a part of our colonial legacy. So, ultimately whoever is in power, they are beautiful. At this present time, beautiful means fair complexion, white.

From a young age, we have inherited fatphobia. So, at an early age, children define beauty in line with that Barbie concept. That concept has also been established in their mind, and they just follow it. Girls have to have a fair complexion, dark almond-shaped eyes, and tall and perfect figure. All over the world, it is considered how much sex appeal a girl has. Overall, the body has been placed at the center of consideration of beauty. Ultimately it results in psychology that every woman is constantly and primarily concerned about her physical beauty. So, they will constantly consume lots of cosmetic products to enhance their physical beauty as expected by society. When beauty enhancement preoccupies a person’s thinking, it cannot be healthy for one’s mental development.

“The Fat acceptance Movement” was the first public defense of fatness in the mainstream. In 1967, 500 people came together in Central Park in New York City to protest. They ate burned diet books and pictures of models.

The idea of beauty comes from our surroundings. Never judge anyone from a fixed point of view.

If someone is healthy and happy with his/her own body, then why so many arrangements to be so perfect? Staying healthy is important but following the so-called trade is not necessary at all. Positivity, intelligence, personality, confidence make any person much attractive. Body shaming is a heinous act. No one has the right to insult anyone. Healthy conversation is more effective.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall, who's the fairest of them all.

Now, it is time to stop this kind of competition or thinking. We should stand in front of the mirror and shout, “Yes! I am beautiful, and I have a wonderful mind and I am very happy with what I have.” There is no definition of beauty. It is a matter of relative. We are all more beautiful than our Imagination.