In our society, children are victims of gender discrimination since birth. After birth, children are introduced to gender stereotypes according to the existing socio-cultural practices.

From our childhood, this conventional society gives some thoughts and ideas about what to do and what not to do, work division, social rules & regulation, dress code, rights and power. In this field, boys get rights and some authorities. On the other hand, girls are deprived of their rights and always they are dependent on male persons. Girls always are to overcome tons of obstacles for reaching their destinations. This is a harsh journey. Many girls can’t complete it. The percentage of success is very low. For many years we are following gender stereotypes and obey it like goofy. That’s why dominating behavior can be grown in a baby boy from his childhood and family is responsible for this.

The main reason to create a patriarchal society is gender stereotypes. Then a boy thinks that woman is an object, not a human being. It’s sorrowful to say that many boys believe that girls are a burden and they come to this world just for serving the male. Again, bigot teams confined girls into a room. In every step, they obey the rules of conservativeness. It seems that every rule and regulation has been created only for women. For their inconsistent belief and orthodoxy makes many negatives perspective about women empowerment and freedom, as well as their rights.

Sex education is a kind of taboo topic in our country. Maximum people think that it’s unnecessary to include this subject in the curriculum. But the substantial matter is the definition of sex education is not clear to people. They always believe that it’s a confidential and shameful matter. Most people can’t imagine that it’s a biological need and natural part. So, normally children don’t get any idea about different types of touches of the body parts. Nowadays some schools and guardians have started to make the children conscious about it, but this is rare. At the same time parents, guardians or teachers don’t discuss puberty with teenagers.

Teenage girls face a lot of physical and psychological changes. But they can share any problem with none but can share only female members in their family. And most of the time mothers and sisters don't have sufficient knowledge about it. So, girls can’t maintain proper regulation in that crucial time. In adolescent time, girls suffer from depression, tiredness, anxiety and fear. But nobody gives them any priority. The period is another hidden topic in our country. A girl can’t share with any male person even her father. It’s considered to be so shameful and girls always maintain privacy with carefulness in conscious mind.

There have many prejudices regarding the regulations during period time. To buy a sanitary pad is another problem in our country. Maximum shopkeepers feel uneasy and sometimes they give a negative outlook to buy this from the market and some shopkeepers wrap the sanitary napkin with paper so that nobody can see this product. When girls throw it into the dustbin, they also hide the cover of the sanitary napkin by wrapping. Because many male persons laugh and show their full concentration on the napkin cover. When people see a biscuit packet or another packet, they don’t notice it or ignore it but when they see a packet of the sanitary napkin, they feel shy or interest or piffle with each other.

My country’s people think dress and bad character are the main reasons to be raped. My question to them is, how they can feel sexual impressions to see inanimate objects like the cover of a sanitary napkin pad. Actually, sexual violence, rape, eve teasing do not depend on dress, movement or attitude. It is actually our mentality and negative practice. So, whoever is blaming the clothing or going outside, the thoughts come from the patriarchal perspective. At the present time, the boys are more interested in pornography because online access is now very available to this generation.

When a boy is suffering from a fantasy of female bodies, he has access to pornography. Porn site, some advertisements and some movies show incendiary types of sexuality where a woman is an item and a consumer product. This sexual arousal is not the natural expression of sexuality. It doesn’t have any connection with one’s natural psychological or biological desire. If a child grows up in this environment, it grows up seeing women as an item of enjoyment. So, he can’t see a woman in respectful eyes.

In the patriarchal paradigm, sexuality and rape are not taught to be differentiated. Then he is unable to see a woman as a human being. When he looks at a woman, he associates her with the woman in pornography. Maximum family members also sustain a negative outlook on woman’s education, women empowerment.

Even in this age of seeing women as human beings, it is a very difficult task for a boy. In Bangladesh day by day, the rate of rape, sexual harassment, eve teasing is increasing rapidly. The gentle boys also feel fear to go outside in midnight. And girls can’t imagine this impossible scenery in the context of our country. Every moment is under the control of some cannibals. And there is no noticeable punishment and application in the law of our country. On the other hand, the rapists spend their daily life like a normal person. Very few rapists are convicted. When the law is not strict, the offender and another person get more chances to get involved in crime. Where social, religious prejudice, lack of family education, bigotry and the judiciary are not strict and gender discrimination, there will grow sick mentality.

So, first of all, we should break gender stereotypes and patriarchal mentality. We should respect every person as a human, not as a gender. And family can give proper and positive education. Porn sites should be stopped. Unless the above things are lessened, sexual harassment and rape will be increased. Then we have to play a role as an audience. In most of the developing and underdeveloped countries, this scenario is available right now.

Rapists are more terrible than Covid-19. How long do we have to stay silent with a candle in our hands? It is not allowed to sit in protest by uploading a black profile picture on Facebook. It’s high time to raise our voice against injustice. Let the education of the family be the great castle against injustice. Let women become the power of women. It is the demand of time to break patriarchal society & make a new human society where males and females will remain safe.