This is not an essay. It is hardly a text. This is just to put a name on a moment in human history. The moment like when sitting with a client in a psychotherapeutic session and as a cluster of unresolved problems needs to be named, to finally unleash an aha experience of cognitive realization. The client is us - humanity. We are to realize that the pharaoh has spoken and made us cognizant of His will. That Schwabism is its content. A new entry for Wikipedia… A new process you are being introduced into. You might not yet have heard of this new science, but you are already part of its implementation. If ever you have a problem breathing freely, it might not be the very Covid virus, but just a wild sentiment of a new spiritual wilderness, as you are experiencing that Schwabism is what is being rolled out. The disconcerting vagueness of this science is what makes us feel uneasy to a point that we are asking for special psychotherapy. Our natural desire is to get hold of the truth, to become specific; our hope is to grasp the essence of a problem and overcome a global existential crisis. Can the overwhelming Schwabism be overcome?

Well, as much as this is not an explicit satisfactory text, something does have to be said, since I started, and since keeping silent is not an option. But the reader will not be satisfied and realize there are things missing. The momentum of speechlessness is being reflected in these lines that do have a negative element to it of that what cannot be enunciated with total clarity.

Are you one of those people who just happen not to be a virologist - epidemiologist - nanotechnologist - genetic biologist…, gene-editor, a nanologist, or neuroscientist with mind control expertise, nor a global geopolitical analyst and economist? Are you somebody who has to rely on often contradictory information that experts in their field leave to the layman to connect the dots? Are you feeling bewildered by a rampant confusionism? If so, you might like myself share the impression of helplessness trying to grasp the gist of what we are being told to happen to us. Well, who tells? Experts, the specialists who present the synthesis of our future development who in other words are in the position to finance these plans to be materialized for the benefit, as they claim: for us all. Yes…, the World Economic Forum (WEF) or Forum of Davos! It was founded in 1974 as an NGO, registered in Geneva, Switzerland, by its sitting president, the conceptual leader and executive chairman Klaus Schwab, metaphorically referred to above as a pharaoh, representing a top-down approach, regulating and mandating…

Self-proclaimed, never voted for by any world public; the World Economic Forum (WEF) is playing a role in the forefront of the public arena that seems to have a supra-governmental status, comparable to the UN, UNESCO, FAO, WHO… which, ideally, are recognized institutions of international legislation. The WEF is self-imposed by way of its financial importance as it has been gathering major global economic and financial players for years, as does 1954 founded less communicative and secretive Bilderberg Society (Club). Whoever asks what this influential presidents gathering does, will be eventually struck by the thought-stopper: a “crime-thought”. Hey, but that´s a “conspiracy theory!” – well…, that labeling is a term that caught its momentum in the seventies as people tried to make sense out of the unconvincing Warren Report of John Kennedy’s assassination. Formerly a sign of personal intelligence, of a researcher inquiring by way of probable hypotheses… meant to quench the natural thirst of knowledge, any non-MSM opinion is now liable to be disqualified per se and ridiculed. The 9/11 speculative riddles have conjured up many qualms in autonomous individuals also called by this easygoing labeling. If official statements and MSM (Mainstream Media) news were trustworthy, there would be no need to research for yourself… The very term “fake news” has become global and is even in the mouth of the president of France, a country traditionally allergic to English linguistic invasions. The same may be true for whoever is caught in the ill-destined inquiry about the WEF, being dubbed with this henceforth worst disqualification that our public vocabulary has presently at its disposal, when researching, analyzing whether there is a congruency that holds together the common interests among the different players we see all day long discuss our present and future: the UN, WHO, the World Bank, the IMF…, the governments of the world in synchrony with this singular pan-global threads combining institution: the World Economic Forum?

Indeed, the WEF is not presenting an isolated agenda. Its forthcoming January 2021 Forum session will be in harmony with the 2015 UN Agenda 2030. Klaus Schwab and the UN Secretary-General António Guterres already signed a partnership, agreeing on digitization to implement the Fourth Industrial Revolution, to solve global problems using Artificial Intelligence (AI), satellites, robotics, drones and the internet of things, with synthetic food on the menu in robotized restaurants and cafes.

It's just that we have to keep cool, levelheaded, and see what’s in front of us, read their published programs… Question their evidence, quoting their words to detect their messages about the situation that is being laid out, that is unhidden patent…, we are dealing hence, with an “open conspiracy”. So, let us not get intellectually bogged down.

Let’s listen to Klaus Schwab dictating: “The fourth industrial revolution will affect the very essence of our human experience”! This new era of the Great Reset will: “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”.

The World Economic Forum propagates the Great Reset, an expression waxing “official” in virtue of its very self-imposed global existence as also by way of repetition. We are part of the process that has started upon us without us having voted for it, neither for it to exist nor to be rolled out upon us. But we are pre-included, the public and the private sector. Indeed, the World Economic Forum omni-self-defines itself as the “International Organization for Public-Private Cooperation”.

How can we break this down to citizens’ non-insider understanding, since most of the inhabitants of this planet have never and will never be invited to such an extraordinary event which, yes: decides over us all!

I said this writing is not a complete text, it is just to whet our intellectual appetite and go and look for ourselves. Self-study is of course the only way to more deeply ascertain the details of this all-embracing program surging from the pandemic, exposed on the World Economic Forum website, with podcasts and videos. On June 3rd, on their website, Klaus Schwab proclaimed the “Great Reset”. In July he published this as a book, with Thierry Malleret, and in October 2020 the WEF website published a (31 pages) White Paper, entitled Resetting the Future of Work Agenda – in a Post-Covid World.

One is confronted with the complexity of a highly technical vocabulary familiar only to multi-field scientists. But we can resort to a growing number of synthetic YouTube resumés and commentaries. Its inherent complexity is made simple by the dint of Klaus Schwab's global authority, as the expert posits that we do need a “new social contract” since we must live “in harmony with nature.” This sounds very evident. Dr. Schwab expounds on “three main components” that format the new economy: “The first would steer the market toward fairer outcomes (...)”. The second is to foster “equality and sustainability.” “…building ‘green’ urban infrastructure and creating incentives for industries to improve their track record on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics… The third and final priority of a great reset agenda is to harness the innovations of the fourth industrial revolution to support the public good, especially by addressing health and social challenges. During the Covid-19 crisis, companies, universities, and others have joined forces to develop diagnostics, therapeutics, and possible vaccines; establish testing centers; create mechanisms for tracing infections, and deliver telemedicine. Imagine what could be possible if similar concerted efforts were made in every sector.”

Do you hear the tone of the voice: the “great reset agenda is to harness the innovations…”? A voice resounding intellectual imperialism, of mandatory “harnessing” of innovations that affect our most personal and intimate private lives. Of course, it is all about details that have yet to be manifested. The Davos World Economic Forum's founder and conceptual engineer former Geneva University Professor Dr. Schwab is rolling out publicly the sum of what hitherto had been, tentatively, the arduous patchwork of theorists trying for years to connect the dots of random signs of those elements that eventually might strip us of our individual privacy as human beings. Thinking about that eventuality was eerie and mind-boggling, but somehow futuristic, not yet real and for somebody to utter concerns of such an evolution doomed her/him to incur the MSM label of being a conspiracy theorist. Things have changed.

You and I are to be micromanaged, digitized, living or rather executing a nano-tele-guided life, a yet to be fabricated existence maybe as a hybrid with robotic devices… functioning according to or mandated by algorithmically anticipatory preferential decisions and options violating and overrunning our free will. Digitally controlled and algorithmically “free”. Later on, as hybrids of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and humans, robotic devices are at our hands, “life” will be easy as drones will be catering for our supplies.

The formerly unimaginable nano-microchipping of humans can now be justified and legalized as a Covid-19 mandated necessity, a new moral obligation, for the New Brave Post-Covid World.

Many warning voices, ahead of time, have been forecasting the realization of is project which can become real. Edward Bernays who conceived PR (public relations) and propaganda, in the late twenties, had his uncle Sigi in Vienna - Sigmund Freud - help him to find ways to get into the feelings of people to “convince” them into desiring something they didn't really need. That’s what his theory of “engineering of consent” is all about. He somehow knew this could be done since he deemed the masses to be “stupid”, as it was revealed by his daughter. Maybe he was not utterly mistaken, since media propaganda somehow works…, we finally buy into what is driven into our ears uncounted times. It then becomes “real and necessary”. Noam Chomsky called this almost unnoticed process “manufacturing consent”, to explain the process of social and political engineering of opinions.

With this global indiscriminately aggressive Covid-19, we feel being held up in a state of caughtness, powerless, and as we see around us we see in our representational democracies the governments being allowed to act - by police and military force - as we never wanted them to... Now those self-proclaimed global gurus are just so keen on helping us all out of a situation they first define and interpret - than impose their solution without our specific mandate whatsoever. The psychological impact of Covid-19 health-protecting measures is tantamount to PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) as a global phenomenon. Also, it creates an infantile need for a strong paternal “saving symbol”, a super economic sugar daddy who knows it all and leads the way out of uncertainty. Klaus Schwab is the man. Being the personalized incarnation of Schwabism, a technocratically bullied submission to an unelected Geneva registered NGO proclaiming a reset of capitalism that disempowers and eventually disowns individuals as citizens under a coercive surveillance system with law enforcement ready to assure, militarily if necessary, our total obedience. Furthermore, as a video on the WEF website explains, as if it were in the true spirit of the “unbearable lightness of being”: “I own nothing: Have no privacy. Life has never been better.” “And You’ll own nothing. And you’ll be happy”. Sounds debt-liberating and much of dolce vita phantasy; but as you think about it: when you own nothing, somebody else owns what you do not own, somebody owns your existence, who - the government and/or transnational corporations…?

We are being put into a spiral of futuristic expectations demanding the sacrifices of what is our most personal conscience, our singularity reflecting and incarnating divine consciousness, if such a tentatively affirming term is commonly acceptable.

Let me name an important aspect. The history of consciousness of humanity has evolved from sacrificial offerings, human and animal, to please the gods imagined as needing and claiming these sacrifices for us to be pardoned, and “justify” our survival. Our growing consciousness progressively ushering us out of the kindergarten of evolution, we grew aware that sacrificial offerings are definitely outdated, we are being set free from what was the religious rule of sacrificial propitiation of the gods, the Indian Kali demanding sacrifices; Athens (Acropolis, bull and sheep/goats sacrifices); or Jerusalem (Temple, Levites sacrificing animals); Phoenicians’ child-sacrifices; Mayas’ and Aztecs’ massive human sacrifices, etc. The underlying archaic paradigm being the deep feelings of guilt as amplified by religious texts, in all traditions it seems. They have created, yes, installed in us the DNA, as if innate, of guilt, spiritual debt to godheads to be redeemed, just as the debts we owe to our kings, financial masters, bankers, governments, exacting from us to be redeemed of our debts…, the spiritual indebtedness out of sins - unwittingly and surreptitiously - corresponding with a financial indebtedness to our money providers.

Since we are not meant to have something for free. The (pseudo-divine) plan, our destiny, is for us to earn our existence, to deserve our unmerited freedom. We must pay the established price. The fixing of the prices has changed over the centuries. It depended on where, when and as whom you were born into this world. Could be that you had no worth of your own and must earn it all, paying with your very existence. Slavery has been abolished but goes on in new disguises. There is hence a conflict of interests because some can pay the price, and are set free, others can’t for whatever reason. When do we, as Humanity, finally cut this knot, this thread, this cruel bondage, this fatal rope hanging us at the gallows of our financial executioners? Exaggerations…? Sort it out for yourself. Feel if there is something resonating in you…?

Financial disaster is in store for us. First, come the survival measures…, then, as after an earthquake or after a flood, you start seeing the real damage. The financial damages, bankruptcies, and debts will be rampant. The money providers will knock at our doors. They are in control of the financial instruments, classically: money. Christine Lagarde, former head of the IMF, now of the European Central Bank, announced the digital euro for 2024. The new IMF president Kristalina Georgieva also endorsed the Great Reset and she talks about a forthcoming Bretton Wood 2. We will then have a Central Bank Digital Currency: CBDC, steered by the most important, but much less known secretive and unaudited mother-bank of all central banks, the BIS: Bank of International Settlements, headquartered in Basel, Switzerland. Its sitting general manager, Agustín Carstens, assured us of the “absolute control” the BIS will have over our digital money and that they do have “the technology to enforce” surveillance: worldwide!

What some people predicted: a cashless society where all is digital, all your personal digital ID data stored, and as you apply for a job, want to get health insurance… this may be denied to you. And all this on the basis of real or algorithmically guessed data! Even if you just order a pizza, you might get into trouble because on the basis of the “holy algorithm” you are supposed to have a gluten allergy and that means an increase in primes of your insurance company.

We have to rethink the big picture, head for a Social Reset; let’s drop the term socialist in favor of social, like when we socialize, accept and include people who are so different from ourselves. We need a public and private economic creation of wealth that enables us to then socialize as humanity. Schwabism is the anti-solution to our problems. A psychotherapeutic session is about identifying a situation we are living in. Searching for freedom versus Schwabism is to assert first and foremost that we never voted for Schwabism. It is self-imposed, but not self-evident. New systemic therapies are needed, but not more sacrifices…!

Planetary Covid-lockdowns create poverty, new forms of misery, survival crises just as civil wars do. Situations are unexpectedly getting extreme. Decent people cannot imagine that their fellow humans could ever plan evil and execute it. But hypothetically…, what is in store for us is Humanitycaust, the “sacrificial burning” of mankind to a fictitious pagan super-god entity, that is of financial nature and decides over human life. This is of course absurd… but not impossible. In fact, there is the intention of depopulation, reduction of humans to ensure the resources for the surviving class. Mr. Henry Kissinger in the seventies and well-known other contemporaries since have propagated this outlook. Kissinger wrote in his National Strategic Security Memorandum 200 (1974) that depopulation should be “the highest priority in US foreign policy towards the Third World”, (…) because “the US economy needs large and growing amounts of raw materials from overseas, especially from the less developed countries.”

The so-called New World Order (NWO), not new at all, but rebooting the old financial order of the world, is justifying supremacist predatory needs over the majority of mankind. Can this be stopped?

Traditionally, religious institutions held up fundamental human values, to protect and defend human beings by referring to their unworldly transcendental God-given individual souls. This same mission has to be continued and done in the future with a platform where all the wisdom traditions of mankind come together with their spiritual information, representing, protecting and defending the universal reason of our one “human family” (preamble of Universal Declaration of Human Rights), the Ethos of the Human.

You remember I said this is hardly a text…, even I feel I failed to cover here in-depth the strong significance of Schwabism. It will be revealed and explained in full detail soon, in the WEF meeting in January 2021.

We can also delve into Klaus Schwab’s whole vision in his forthcoming book Stakeholder Capitalism, to be published next January where he shows, also, a benign side of his rather pushy doctrinal parlance. As per Time Magazine (Nov.2-Nov.9, 2020, pp. 72-73) two pages digest, he employs indeed empathetic language: “Free markets, trade and competition create so much wealth that in theory, they could make everyone better off if there was the will to do so. But that is not the reality we live in today”. “Rather than chasing short-term profits or narrow self-interest, companies could pursue the well-being of all people and the entire planet”. He understands that we live in a “world where people increasingly revolt against a system they perceive as unfair”. To highlight here is the subjective verb “perceive”. For Schwab, there is a way out by a “more virtuous capitalist system. Building such a virtuous economic system is not a utopian ideal. Most people, including business leaders, investors, and community leaders, have a similar attitude about their role in the world and the lives of others. Most people want to do good and believe that doing so will ultimately benefit everyone, including a company’s shareholders. But what’s been missing in recent decades is a clear compass to guide those in leading positions in our society and economy”.

Clarity of compass for guidance… sounds as necessary as unfindable in what I have been reading so far. It is all about connecting the dots of a highly sophisticated puzzle as best shown in the Covid-19 centered infographic-wheel on the WEF website that omni-outlines too much to be really grasped.

Now, to put so much on Klaus Schwab's personal shoulders is probably being unfair. I do apologize for putting him on this trial. The reader got the message: the issue at stake is rather that what has been summarized here as Schwabism leads us into a direction, globally, that needs to be constantly checked. We need to keep this question alive: Who is in charge…? Who controls the system? And who is capable of controlling the controllers?

There is a growing gap between the tech-élite and “us”. Who understands, really, how a smartphone works, the applications, the algorithms…? Without specialized studies, what do we actually know? Fear-ridden, work-driven, we the people, are being held busy emotionally and mentally to assure our survival. Who then has the leisure to step back and ponder on what is happening? In Athens, before the democracy of Pericles, the tyrant Peisistratus had people work and work and work building the Olympic Zeus Temple, actually never finished, for people to have no time to think about politics. Yet, today we could have time to step back and meditate.

Like in personal life, before knowing something for sure, we conjecture, we have guesses at a problem until we have clear understanding of it. Whenever this is not possible, we do have a strong cognitive instrument in us called intuition. We all have experienced this and it almost always worked. We were right from the beginning. Intuition literally means the act of looking into it. Now, does intuition exist on a societal, political, planetary level? As the sum of individual intuitions, as a collective intelligence? I think so, but it is difficult to put into statistics. In midst of our subjectivity, there is a feeling of right and wrong, of something “objective” in human ethics, something “universal”. A big theoretical issue of course, but I like to think of people of goodwill, the golden rule or platinum rule (do to others as you would like people to do to you …) as universal insights.

My intuition made me write this text. I have always felt academically free to think, at times to conjecture, like in everyday situations, before gleaning clear knowledge… but something is now changing. I do feel haunted by the idea that uttering my alternative ideas to MSM will be labelled a conspiring… That’s a toxic atmosphere, hopefully just a temporary phenomenon. Or maybe not; Whitney Webb has been expressing her researched concerns about media surveillance. I feel it is hard to live without sharing thoughts and observations with others. In my youth I was taught that the wiser one gives in, concedes (“der Klügere gibt nach”). Does this mean we all will have to live alternatively, even off the grid? Individually this may be a choice. But do we have to hand over our existence to a tech-élite? Many of my friends think we have to stress the “sovereignty” of nations, so as to resist. My conviction is we need to assure the Sovereignty of Ethical Principles which are by definition supra-national, universal. To confront the Great Reset we do need a platform that can meet the global debate on a global level. The UN, after the League of Nations, was an important step, but we have to revamp it, update it, reform its efficiency to law-enforce the sovereignty of universal ethics.

Concomitantly we need to practice resistance that is tantamount to disobedience, to strategically say NO to what we understand as not being good for ourselves, neighbors, and above all for our children. There is something about this alluring and enticing glamour of high tech and transhumanist life-extending perspectives, it is tempting indeed, there is some light dazzling us, hiding the true light, but not all that shines is gold. Those who control this subtle psy-op know about our weaknesses, our possibility to be drawn away, abducted, perverted into desiring what we do not really want. This strategy of disobedience has to be organized at a level where it can counter those who pretend to have a right to control us. It is a confrontation face to face, at the basis and at the highest levels.

To come to a close: this non-text of mine is more realistic about a con-text. It is rather an extract of a session… whereas you come out of it, something has happened, you are not exactly sure what. Maybe it’s the aha experience of urgently needing to explore what makes me really feel alive? What is the global sense of my existence as a person, what hierarchy of values guides me and should guide us, and its opposites? What is quelling my existential happiness? Might there be a real evil behind the corner, toxic inhumane thoughts, and attitudes we would all feel our children, at least, to be spared from? If so, sharing this session was worth its price.

So as to not be completely frustrating, let me end with the following Schwab-thought-provoking quotes.

This new era of the global reset will: “lead to a fusion of our physical, digital and biological identity”.

Hence law enforcement authorities may then decide to implement pre-crime programs to “intrude into the hitherto private space of our minds, reading our thoughts and influencing our behavior.”

“As capabilities in this area improve, the temptation for law enforcement agencies and courts to use techniques to determine the likelihood of criminal activity, assess guilt or even possibly retrieve memories directly from people’s brains will increase”.

“Even crossing a national border might one day involve a detailed brain scan to assess an individual’s security risk.”

Our whole existence will have changed: “Indeed, some of us already feel that our smartphones have become an extension of ourselves. Today’s external devices—from wearable computers to virtual reality headsets—will almost certainly become implantable in our bodies and brains.”

We will have: “active implantable microchips that break the skin barrier of our bodies.”

This is in line with: “implanted devices (that) will likely also help to communicate thoughts normally expressed verbally through a ‘built-in’ smartphone, and potentially unexpressed thoughts or moods by reading brain waves and other signals.”

Concluding: completely uncontrollable by the individual, but completely controllable by those self-proclaiming to be in charge of total control of us individuals, we are unprotected and completely hackable and trackable-surveillance on the basis of unlimited 5G data mining. By just connecting to our smartphones, and if equipped with high precision sensors, one can know more about your health than yourself or your doctor, and we are just at the beginning. This is the dystopia so many free intellectuals and writers have warned us in their – still – imaginary fictions of utopias. But things are changing now. Now referring to a time that has been existing for a while, as these innovative possibilities have been worked out for a long while at DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and BARDA (Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority), what we were not meant to know, but leading experts like Dr. Robert Duncan and Dr. James Giordano exhibit this knowledge via scientific YouTube.

The fourth industrial revolution will affect the very essence of our human experience!

Klaus entered history. Schwabism is among us. How will we resist it and what alternatives do we have? We need to come to clarity, soon, now, as global as Schwabism is going to hit into the kernel, the sum and substance of our common Humanity. It will affect our hearts (and lo and behold our genes, in the end mRNA altering our DNA? By way of what specialists call transfection, nano-articles like tiny robots collecting our biometric data will be sent to a cloud and be used to our benefit or not…).

The Great Reset is ready to be rolled out. It is formulated. Heinrich Heine is reported to have said: “Money is the new name of God and Rothschild is his prophet”. Well, a newly reset economy at the service of a transhumanist technocracy is the name for our future and Klaus Schwab is its prophet.

The New World Order is being rolled out upon us, using globalization to reserve the wealth of humanity for a small number of people. The Digital Age we entered is allowing for a systematic algorithmic surveillance capitalism to dominate our life (Soshana Zuboff, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, 2019; the German wording makes me shiver: Das Zeitalter des Überwachungskapitalismus), that is, creating profit for the self-chosen few, eventually operating a techno-feudalism (Le techno-féodalisme, Cédric Durand, 2020).

There is no way to get back to a time before globalism or technological progress that we actually are living with and benefiting from: The issue is about the sense, the meaning, the values that we assign to our use of it. And how can we effectively protect ourselves from transhumanist technology being misused against us? We cannot abdicate our moral obligation, our ethical deliberative free-will-essence as humans. Are we to give up and be handed over to overlords who make use of us instead of us making good use of technology and financial and economical globalism? We need to affirm the globalization of ethical principles!

I naturally tend to like humour but applied here would be sheer cynicism. I don’t like to take the role of throwing a wet blanket over our natural tendency to be optimistic and hope for a better future. It is exactly because I want my kids to have a future to live a decent and happy life, to live as a free person. That’s why I feel I have to come out and publicly say: stop, let us think! “An unexamined life is not worth living” said Socrates and Plato. The singular of the “Who am I?”, of the Delphic “Know thyself” must be conjugated into a plural: “We need to Know Ourselves”: Who are we, as one Humanity?