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Danilo D'Angelo

My name is Danilo D'Angelo. I was born in Vigevano in 1960. I graduated in architecture at the Polytechnic of Milan. I taught in various fields, such as in a music institute and for some years I combined my professional activity with teaching in schools lower middle schools. My passion for information and education is the natural consequence of coming from a family of teachers, principals, and journalists.

In 1994, my wife and I, tired of feeling "misfit" to this type of society, left our respective jobs and cities and created "our society," living in a forest without television, cultivating the products of the earth, and warming ourselves with the wood we collected.

This detachment has allowed us to see reality with different eyes—I would say more impartial, less involved. I realized that having saved ourselves from the delirium prevailing in the West did not make me live peacefully but rather encouraged me to do something concrete for those who were still entangled in the web of having. I therefore founded the non-profit association "Progetto Utopia," which dealt with education, and for about ten years I was part of the Board of Directors of the German NGO "Wider Vision Foundation", which manages the Naveen Nursery and Primary School of Varanasi (India), a kindergarten and primary school attended by children from disadvantaged families. I also collaborated with the Indian NGO "Kautilya Society," with which I collaborated in the creation of the documentary "UN Millennium Development Goals," shot all over the world.

I have carried out several interviews in the school environment for Byoblu television, including with Professor Benedetto Vertecchi, Professor Umberto Galimberti, and many others. For Realy TV, I also created and hosted a series of broadcasts that aired in the months of November and December 2020, both on Byoblu and on Really TV, entitled "Fatti non foste..." with the theme of the Italian school, with the collaboration of Enzo Pennetta and Elisabetta Frezza.

I write articles for the online magazine "Meer" and for the blogs "Free Thinking" and "Popular Sovereignty." The latter also prints a paper periodical that is received by subscription. In 2019 I published the essay "A School Book" for Bibliotheka Edizioni and in 2023, "Scuola Nuova Vita Nuova" was published by the Dissensi Publishing House. I am currently part of the Centro di Gravità study group, founded by Giulietto Chiesa, in which I play the role of coordinator of the School-Anthropology Group. I am a shareholder of the Generazioni Future Cooperative (former Rodotà Committee) and a founding member of the Barterfly Foundation.

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