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Lucia Larese

Lucia Larese earned her Degree in Foreign Languages ‘cum Laude’ and got a Master in International Marketing. For many years, she has been working as a manager in Int’l Affairs, traveling throughout Europe. By putting into practice the principles of Spaceclearing, "has become a master of simplicity: She changed her life and is ready to change yours" (‘Donna Moderna’ magazine) Today she ”is the Italian guru of spaceclearing with an agenda packed with consultancies and courses throughout Italy and Switzerland”(La Stampa). Thanks to her particular sensitivity in perceiving the harmony and the energy of places she developed a unique method to support people in a journey of transformation based on the importance of "making space" from the outside to get better inside, letting go superfluous objects and thus recovering what is essential. When we create balance and harmony in our homes, the same harmony will be reflected in our lives.

Author of a bestselling book ‘Spaceclearing: free your space, transform your life’, she combines the smooth narrative of a short novel with the practical advices of an handbook giving a simple and effective key to effortless dispose in seven days what you don’t need any longer or like any more. Giorgio, the main character of the story, - while is attending an online course to clear his clutter under the guide of her master, Beatrice - travels back in time through all his past love affairs. At the end of the process ,having disposed all his clutter he finds out a simple truth :, he discovers that he cannot find his true love, unless he surrenders to love.

Different headers wrote about her activities; she was a guest on various television and radio shows in Italy and Switzerland. Master in Firewalk and Breathwork Practitioner for the International School Sundoor®, she walked a profound path of personal growth with several internationally renowned masters.

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