‘Firm boat doesn't govern’: a sailors’ old saying says. People who go by sea know that is an event to be avoided with care not to get into trouble and go to rocks when you are close to the coast. In other words, when the boat lacks the energy of the movement, it is difficult to control the rudder and you might get in stall, losing the capability of steering your boat.

This interesting metaphor, taken from the ancient art of sailing, may apply to different occurrences in our lives. How many of us decided to take a way to get out of a difficult situation to overcome hard times? Afterwards, the decision could be proved wise and right only in part. During your way, you are in a position to weight the developments of a certain situation. You may see the scenery from a different angle and, as if by a miracle, you are seeing new solutions and new opportunities opening up. In other words, in order to go forward in life and overcome everyday challenges and difficulties, it is necessary to know how to make the right choices and decisions, otherwise you can risk of getting stuck in the pond of indecision and situations which do not belong to you.

My approach and unique method ‘l’arte di fare spazio’, ‘the art of making space’ - can help you to make decisions for your life. You can daily train yourself, testing your decisions-making capability with the objects around you. When you make a choice about the things which occupy your vital space, this simple act may reveal your deepest needs, helping you understand who you truly are. You learn how to listen to yourself and your needs.
- Does it stay or does it go?
- I really like it?
- I still use it?

Answering these questions about things which invade your desk and cabinets can become a mental workout and a path of knowledge which teaches you to tell apart the useful from useless one. You get to know the needs which let vibrate your inner cords in the most real way so "avoiding the unnecessary to retrieve the essentials". All the rest is often the result of external constraints, lack of time for taking care of your deepest needs and your inner fear to make choices.

In order to listen to yourself, you have to create an inner silence and take the courage to face what you have inside. And, at the bottom of your heart and your soul, buried by the powder of so many unnecessary objects and useless thoughts resulting from external constraints, you can discover a treasure. Your true essence.

You can become like Giorgio, the main character of the short story contained in my book. After passing many internal resistances, he makes the decision to "lighten up" his home from clutter, guided by Beatrice, his teacher and, while clearing his space, he travels back in time through all his past love stories. At the end of the journey, he will see that the impediment to find the true love is not outside of himself but it lies in his incapability to surrender to love.