How can a connection between ourselves and the objects around us possibly exist, such a strong link that it might have an impact on the events of our lives?

How is it possible that an accumulation of books, newspapers or old clothes can be the obstacle to the situations of our lives? Nevertheless, when we feel as "trapped" in certain circumstances, sometimes we do not pay attention to the fact that our drawers are in the midst of chaos or the bookshelf overflow with everything.

In the light of the experience acquired with my students and clients, the possibility that the places where we spend most of our time, i.e. our houses and offices, affect the whole of our life, appears to be seemingly real. There is a deep link between us and the house to the point that it reflects the inner world of the person who dwells in it. More than we could imagine, we are connected to the environment where we live: the house is a semblance of ourselves, the material representation of our desires and aspirations, and also of our blocks and limiting believes.

In the quantum vision, the world is interpreted as an "immense broth of energy" which we all belong to. We (ourselves), our physical bodies, the objects around us are meant as an amount of energy fluctuating in this sort of ‘energy broth’. At quantum level, the objects are defined as "fragments of energy that vibrate at different frequencies which are part of a field of the collective energy" "The boundaries between individuals and the reality which surrounds them appear to be less marked and therefore the interaction between the individual and the outside world is more complex than it has been so far assumed " as Dr Deepak Chopra, - a worldwide known medical doctor, author of bestselling books which sold millions of copies in the whole world - states .

This way of interpreting the reality, in which the boundaries between people, objects and the outside world are thinned out, finds a resonance in the Chinese discipline of Feng Shui. This ancient Chinese philosophy, dating back more than 4000 years ago which has become popular in the West in recent years, has reached Italy mainly through USA, UK and Australian authors and specialists. This discipline gives the rules for a healthy living, in harmony with the laws of the cosmos and it affirms that our environment, surrounding us, is a manifestation of our inner world.

Feng Shui, which literally means wind and water, takes its name from two elements of nature, the wind and the water, which are the vectors, the conveyors of the one that the Chinese define the universal energy: the Chi that pervades all things, the nature, the earth, the house and our own body. According to the reading of the Chinese reality, 'Chi' , the cosmic energy cannot be seen, but we can see its effects".

A sort of energy that inter-connects everything. Man is located between the earth and the heaven, and for his psycho-physical balance is necessary to maintain a harmonious relationship with the surrounding environment. In my opinion, Feng Shui can be interpreted as a sort of "acupuncture of the house". As the imbalance of vital energy in our body carries - according to Chinese medicine - the onset of diseases, cured by acupuncturist doctor with the needles, the imbalance of the Chi in our homes can have consequences on our lives, at inner level on our relations, our social life, our health and our future. By introducing the necessary corrective actions, we can create a new harmony in our homes and in our lives.