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Abderrahmane Naji is director in charge of Al Maghribya channel and News coordination at the Moroccan National company of Radio and TV; He had worked previously as editorial secretary of TV news at the Moroccan first channel in Rabat, journalist reporter, assignment editor, news producer, coordinator with international organizations at the Moroccan television. He was born in in Mhamid Elghizlane Morocco.

He was working as editor in chief, responsible for gender equality and news consultation at the Euromednews project at the Eurovision headquarters in Geneva. He has participated and presented the Moroccan National Broadcaster in various international meetings around the world.

Abderrahmane is a Member of the European Broadcasting Union editorial subcommittee for three mandates of two years, he has participated and presented the Moroccan National Broadcaster in various international meetings about news and media technology and development. He was the best Arab news coordinator for many years.

Naji was the ASBU Best News coordinator in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2016. He has the EBU Certificate of training the trainers in the field of news exchange. Member of the EBU Editorial Subcommittee since April 2015. He started his writing as a content editor with magicalarabia.com and batuta.com, writing articles about tourism in various countries, especially Morocco.

He is currently, a Ph.D. student at the doctorate centre of “The Man and the Sphere in the Mediterranean World” at the University Mohamed V in Rabat, he has a Higher Diploma of Specialized Studies in Communication and Journalism, and another in Islamic laws and civilized constructions; He had studied English linguistics in the Marrakech Cadi Ayad University. He has a diploma of producer in communication and a diploma of IT management. He has a BBC certificate in interview techniques.

Abderrahmane started his career in English teaching, after getting the teaching certificate from Cambridge University. He worked as a translator in various companies and on many occasions.

He started his journalism career with the American Language Center in Marrakech, and then with the Last Exit magazine, where he has participated in the shooting and realisation of various film documentaries in Marrakech and moved to Rabat to work with Moroccan national television as a journalist. He boosted Moroccan participation and presence in the world of news exchange with worldwide national televisions.

Naji has worked in the media production field, as he participated in the shooting and realization of various institutional films and advertising. He is mastering the shooting and editing software. He has supervised the launch of various news websites in Arabic and English, including their followers on the social media tools and online Wordpress dashboard. Naji has various online and printable publications.

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