Abderrahmane Naji

Abderrahmane Naji is a deputy director in charge of Al Maghribya channel and News coordination at the Moroccan National company of Radio and TV; he had worked previously as editorial secretary of TV news, journalist reporter, news producer, coordinator with international organization at the Moroccan television. He was born in 02/05/1983 in Mhamid Elghizlane Morocco.

He worked as editor in chief, responsible for gender equality and news consultation, at Euromednews project in Geneva. He does translation, writing, editing.

He has a master degree in journalism and communication and studied English linguistics at Marrakech Cadi Ayad University. Has diploma of producer in communication and diploma in IT management.

Abderrahmane has started his career in English teaching, after getting the teaching certificate from Cambridge University. He worked as translator on many occasions.

He started his journalism career with the American language center in Marrakech, and then with Last Exit magazine and moved to Rabat to work with Moroccan national television as journalist. He boosted Moroccan participation and presence at the world of news exchange with worldwide national televisions.

Abderrahmane has divergent skills including shooting, editing, writing, translating, coordinating.

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