In concretization of the will of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, who has frequently called for mobilization around education to make it a powerful tool for the development of society, the National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) in the Kingdom of Morocco is fully committed to the emergence of a united vision of education.

As part of its third phase, the INDH has invested, in a vast project of the generalization of preschool education in rural areas. During 2019-2021 the INDH had built 8,000 preschool units, around 3,790 of which are already operational.

In these establishments, more than 71,000 children from rural areas are benefiting currently from quality supervision, to which are added more than 36,000 beneficiary children who have already entered primary school.

These units have encouraged the pre-schooling for girls in rural areas, half of the enrollments are females, and they have promoted female employment in rural areas, with the creation of approximately 4,520 teaching posts, 68% of which are occupied by women.

INDH Initiative has impacts on the reduction of learning poverty in primary schooling through the creation of free tutoring for the benefit of more than 160 thousand students throughout the kingdom.

INDH is working to fight against school dropout

Since its launch in 2005, the INDH has strongly contributed to the national effort to improve the conditions of pupils schooling and the fight against school dropout, in particular by setting up 1090 student social housings which allowed the care of more than 100,000 beneficiaries.

In the same vein, the INDH has strengthened the school transport offer through the acquisition of 2,400 vehicles having benefited approximately 96,000 students since 2005, underlines the Initiative.

The realization during the third phase of the INDH has managed to deploy 600 vehicles to transport 17,500 students. The aim is to facilitate access to education and combat the phenomenon of dropping out of school, with a budget envelope of more than 480 MDH has been invested in order to implement the Royal Initiative "1 million Schoolbags", for the benefit of 4.7 million pupils.

The INDH has deployed 600 vehicles to transport 17500 students during the first stage of Phase three in order to fight the phenomenon of school dropout. It had cost an envelope of more than 480 million Dirhams in order to execute the Royal initiative of one million school bags for the benefit of 47 million pupils.

The generalization of pre-school education is elevated to the rank of national priority, the third phase of the INDH has taken up the challenge of boosting the human capital of future generations for the support of the individual since early childhood and throughout its life cycle.

The INDH supports schooling of children of Tarfaya

Tarfaya, the INDH projects in this area have become over the years real educational spaces, promoting the talents of schoolchildren and meetings where it was sorely lacking.

The school in Amgriou, a fishing village located in the commune of Tah, is the most obvious example. Within this primary school, two classes have been created to perfectly reflect this commitment of the INDH to improve and facilitate access for the greatest number of children to quality childcare facilities.

This preschool teaching unit, built in 2019 at a cost of 89,000 Dirhams, aims to provide valuable support for the socio-cognitive, physical and psychomotor development of young school children, as well as their intellectual awakening, said Soufiane Midiaa, executive of the social action division of the province of Tarfaya, responsible for monitoring and evaluating INDH projects.

The province of Tarfaya has 7 projects of this kind, 2 of which are in progress. These preschool education units ultimately contribute to the improvement of the national human capital index, by increasing the average duration of schooling, a key component of the human capital index.

INDH creates 280 preschool units in Tinghir

The National Initiative for Human Development (INDH) contributed to the construction of 280 preschool units comprising 310 classes in the province of Tinghir during the period from 2019 to 2021.

According to data from the delegation of the Moroccan Foundation for the Promotion of Preschool Education (FMPS) in Tinghir, these preschool units, spread over all the territory municipalities of the province, were carried out in cooperation with the INDH, as part of a partnership agreement between the two parties.

The same source indicates that the number of pre-school children in the province of Tinghir stands at 5,500, from all the territorial municipalities.

In 2021, 107 preschool units (114 classes) were completed, while 90 units (98 classes) were created in 2020 and 85 units (98 classes) were scheduled in 2019.

INDH supports education in rural areas in Al Hoceima

The INDH in the city of Al Hoceima is working to support and promote education in rural areas, within the framework of the "Impulse of the human capital of the rising generations" program, to support schooling in rural areas and to fight against school dropout, especially among girls, through the construction and equipment of a lot of establishments and social spaces.

The “Boosting Human Capital of Upcoming Generations” program is considered one of the most important pillars of the third phase of the INDH, to which significant resources have been allocated in order to invest in human capital.

The INDH has programmed a set of projects at the level of the province of Al Hoceima, and the majority of these projects have been completed, thanks to the efforts of the INDH and its partners.