The strengths of Morocco as a preferred destination for investors are reinforced by known and recognized economic as well as political stability, in addition to proven integration into the circuits of globalization. The progress made by Morocco on the investment atmosphere is done thanks to a transformation process led by the leadership of His Majesty King Mohammed VI.

This process has made it possible to consolidate Morocco in its vocation as a business hub, which draws its strength from its political and economic stability, its spirit of innovation, its resilience in the face of external shocks and its successful integration into trade circuits and globalization.

Morocco offers investors a stable and favorable economic environment, supported by comparative advantages and solid economic growth. On the geopolitical level, Morocco's position at the crossroads between Africa, Europe, the Middle East and North America strengthens the Kingdom's place on the global investment scene, the country being the gateway to markets with nearly two billion consumers. The country’s assets include sophisticated infrastructure and a network of very extensive free trade agreements.

Morocco has diverse investment sectors

Morocco has experienced a very remarkable evolution over the last two decades, which has marked the path for an industrial emergence, and has materialized in record time. Everything is made available to investors to facilitate their operations in the Kingdom, and witness the diversity of the Moroccan market; even the gaming and entertainment sector arouses the interest of investors.

Tourism has potential in Morocco, in particular, the southern provinces of the Kingdom; the golden sand dunes, the Sahara trekking & and hiking, the architecture and above all the legendary hospitality of the Kingdom are examples.

The kingdom has implemented a range of strategies, which aim to strengthen its attractiveness as well as to promote foreign investments. Actions have allowed Morocco to position itself as the 2nd most attractive African country for investors, according to the latest Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index 2023 “FDI Confidence Index” from Kearney.

Morocco new development model to encourage and protect investments

Morocco is part of a trajectory that places investment at the heart of the New Development Model. Thus, multiple reforms and initiatives have been undertaken by the government to create a more favourable business environment and make the kingdom an attractive destination for foreign direct investment. The government of Morocco promulgated, on December 6, 2022, the framework law No. 03.22 forming the investment charter; in order to revolutionize state policy in terms of development and investment promotion.

The new investment charter constitutes the strategic roadmap to breathe new life into investment in Morocco. It will thus make Morocco a highly competitive economy.

In addition to the promulgation of the new investment charter, the government has also initiated economic reforms and is working to consolidate its legal framework in order to strengthen the attractiveness of Morocco.

Morocco ranks as the second most attractive African country for investors

The progress made by Morocco has allowed it to climb among the 20 most attractive emerging countries for investments, according to Kearney's Foreign Direct Investment Confidence Index 2023.

Indeed, the kingdom was able to overtake South Africa to become the second most attractive African country for investors after Egypt and ahead of South Africa, thus occupying 16th place in the TOP25 emerging markets. Noting that China, India, the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Thailand and Saudi Arabia occupy the top six places in the emerging market rankings.

Indeed, thanks to advanced infrastructure, highly qualified human resources and a strategic position that provides access to potential markets around the world, the kingdom manages to offer a favourable business climate and enormous opportunities to companies as well as to foreign investors. This is what has enabled the country to record, over recent years, a constant increase in foreign direct investment flows.

Doing business in Morocco: Morocco is an attractive investment destination

Morocco, a country located at the crossroads of Africa and Europe, has become a popular destination for investors from around the world. With a constantly growing economy, political stability, modern infrastructure and a skilled workforce, Morocco offers a conducive environment for business. In addition, the country benefits from free trade agreements with many countries, which facilitates access to international markets.

Morocco stands out for its economic diversity, offering numerous investment opportunities in different sectors. Among the growing sectors, we can cite agriculture, the automobile industry, aeronautics, tourism, renewable energies, information and communication technologies, as well as the pharmaceutical industry. These sectors benefit from favourable government policies, tax incentives and a skilled workforce.

The steps to investing in Morocco require an understanding of administrative and legal procedures. Morocco provides you with a team of local experts who will support you throughout this process, allowing you to save time and minimize risks.

The Moroccan government has put in place an attractive tax framework to encourage investments. Offering various measures such as tax exemption, customs advantages, research and development incentives, as well as industrial free zones, that offer significant advantages to companies.