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Patricia Gomes

Patricia Gomes. "Carioca da Gema" was born in Lapa, Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 1974, grew up in São Paulo, Brazil, in 1984–2003, and was reborn in the city of London (England, UK) in 2004. She has been working as a multimedia journalist around the globe for almost three decades.

She has worked as a producer, reporter, and cinematographer on several Brazilian and international TV networks, including Rede Bandeirantes, TV Cultura, Rede Globo de Televisão (Globo Repórter), Record TV (international correspondent), UN TV (United Nations Television's World Food Program), and several other documentary productions.

Patrícia has extensive experience in journalistic coverage for social media and digital platforms. It is an award-winning producer of documentaries and special reports, including the International Emmy Award (TV Cultura), the EFE Award (Spanish News Agency), the Ayrton Senna Prize for Journalism, the Vladimir Herzog Prize for Reports on Human Rights (TV Bandeirantes), the New York Festival, and It's All Truth Festival (Citizen Boilesen Documentary).

As a producer and cameraperson, Patricia recorded and produced several special reports for UN TV and documentaries. Highlights: In 2003, she lived in the Sahara desert, recording the daily lives of the nomadic women of Mauritania in a documentary that is part of the permanent collection at the Modern Art Museum (MoMA) (New York, USA) and the World Food Program - (WFP, UN). In 2005, she produced and recorded a special documentary about crimes of "honor" (femicide) on the border of Turkey and Syria for UN TV (United Nations).

She followed and recorded the drama of Tibetan refugees in the city of Dharamsala (India) in 1999 and the work of Buddhist nuns in one of the highest places in the world, Ladakh (Leh, India), a city that lies between the Himalayan mountain ranges in India, in 2004.

She also covered as a foreign correspondent several protests and terrorist attacks in Paris, Moscow, London, and two COPs (Climate Conference) in Paris (France) and Copenhagen (Denmark).

As an international correspondent based in London, she covered conflicts and terrorist attacks in the United Kingdom, Israel, Palestine, France, and Russia, as well as major sporting events such as the London Olympic Games in 2012. In 2014, she covered the Brazil World Cup for Al Jazeera TV and for the Terra and Iranian IranWire websites.

She is a volunteer translator for the Brazilian NGO RioOnWatch (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil).

Since 2016, she has worked as a researcher of historical and journalistic content (especially for the production of documentaries, films, and special reports) at the National Archives and Public Records Office (London, England).

She is a mobile journalist for the image agency Stringr (New York), producing special reports such as the deaths of Prince Philip (2021), Queen Elizabeth II (2022), presidential elections in Brazil (2022), the coronation of King Charles III (2023), and the death of singer Tina Turner (2023).

She has been writing special articles, international coverage, and chronicles for MEER since 2015.

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