Patricia Gomes
Joined WSI in February 2015
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Patricia Gomes

Patricia Gomes, a Brazilian/British citizen, has worked as a multimedia journalist and photographer for almost two decades. She was a producer/cameraperson with Brazilian Networks Globo Television and Rede Record, Iranian Television, United Nations Television, World Food Programme, and many other broadcasters and international institutions. She has produced programmes on nomadic women of Mauritania, “honor” crimes in Turkey, and Syrian refugees in Iraq. For the last ten years, she was a London-based foreign correspondent for Rede Record (Brazil), covering Europe and the Middle East. She covered terrorist attacks in the U.K. and Israel, the Olympic Games in London, the World Cup in Brazil (Al Jazeera american) and many other global events. In 2013, Ms. Gomes wrote, produced and published the photobook “Doors and Locks from Ktima, Paphos Cyprus”, consisting of 32 pictures of doors and locks in Ktima, Cyprus.

She is currently the director of multimedia production company, PRG2 Pictures based in London.

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