I would not have imagined that today, the 24th of January, 2017, exactly six years after covering a terrorist attack at Domededovo’s airport in Moscow, which killed 35 people, I would be writing an article about one of those Brazilian students who were on their way to the University of Medicine in Russia and had to wait for hours and hours to take off.

I would not have imagined it. I would not imagine that today I would not be running to send pictures, interviews about "another attack", today I keep what I said to one of those young people: "You will become famous and I will interview you again!". I did not make a mistake.

Today I write about hope and good living, about quality of life. The young "student" from Brazil’s Central-West became a master, graduated with honors at the PFUR medical school in Moscow. Dr. Thiago Freire is an associate professor and a lecturer at the famous Moscow University, teaching graduates the results of revolutionary research in the pioneering discipline Antiaging Medicine.

Now he specializes in the field of antiaging medicine at the American Academy of Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine.

His innate pursuit of excellence extends to his drive to advanced scientific technology to detect, prevent and treat age related disease. Dr. Freire is a leading author of scientific articles on the subject of aging, such as "Immunology and the aging process," published in the American Journal of Immunology, and "A Therapeutic Strategy for Curing Scars on the Face and Neck”, Published in the Russian Journal of Skin Diseases, Cosmetology and Sexually Transmitted Diseases. He also completed a research for the Department of Public Health, Department of Pharmacology and Commercial Medicine.

He is the head of product development and researcher of EMK in the field of development of new, futuristic and revolutionary skin care products, based on clinical research and knowledge on the aging processes.

In his extensive travels around the world, Dr. Freire looks for exclusive spas, clinics and personal experience in a wide range of new and traditional treatments, some of unique practices of each country. In this way, he gains extensive experience and information on new methods and products used in different cultures to restore healthy skin condition and stimulate healthy body functioning. Being a public figure, socializing with show business stars and fashion celebrities, he discovered a common skin health challenge that seemed insoluble: how to maintain healthy, youthful and resplendent skin in conditions of environmental pollution, adverse weather conditions, under the impact of air travel and exposure to an active lifestyle. Many skin specialists recommend products that contain chemical actives, which aggravates the problem.

Dr. Freire has created a solution that goes far beyond a cosmetic surface correction. Believing and intensively supporting the healing efficiency of Bioplacenta® EMK, he developed a formula with this precious plant complex and then supplemented this formula with powerful antioxidants - vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and natural anti-aging. The composition underwent exhaustive thorough testing for over a year, resulting in an exclusive treatment, the 24K Gold Peeling Gel.

Between a flight from London and the Emirates, Dr. Thiago Freire talked to Wall Street International Magazine about antiaging medicine.

Dr. Thiago Freire, today there are a lot of speculations surrounding the term "anti-aging medicine". Every other cream claims to have an anti-age effect, and lots of clinics assert themselves as "centers of anti-aging medicine". So what really is anti-aging medicine?”

Anti-aging medicine is a relatively new multidisciplinary field of medical science and practice, that is based on the principles of evidence-based medicine and includes the individual prevention of age-related changes. This branch of medicine is intended to identify the individual signs of aging and help the patient to cope with them.

The prevention of aging is becoming today a more and more popular and discussed topic. In recent decades, human well-being has improved and life expectancy has increased, but at the same time, the need to live not only a long life, but a high-quality life as well has become important, such as enjoying every new day, not losing one's energy, and not thinking about diseases. Therefore, interest in anti-aging medicine is constantly growing, because the most important investment is an investment in your own health and active longevity.

A lot of attention is given to anti-aging medicine, which is engaged in the restoration of our internal resources at different stages of life, and the supplementation of the deficiency of necessary components and the elimination of toxic substances. With its help, it is possible to identify the potential of cells and tissues for the regenerative process, to determine the susceptibility to certain diseases, and to find the locking mechanisms for their development.

Classical medicine often goes along the way of symptom control only, which leads to health deterioration and the emergence of secondary diseases (iatrogenic). Therefore, during traditional treatment, elderly people fall into the "vicious circle" of drugs and side effects. Realizing all the shortcomings of the classical medical approach, I began to study alternative methods. In search of the best anti-age solutions, I have traveled almost the entire world and communicated with leading experts from Europe, America and Asia.

And now I'm ready to share with you the ways of rejuvenation which I have chosen for myself, and which have been proven effective. The achievements of modern anti-aging medicine make it possible to preserve health, the potential of organs, energy, and visual appeal for a long time.

With the help of various techniques, we develop an individual treatment plan that allows for the normalization of the body's biological rhythms, the restoration of its own reserves for the regenerative process of tissues, nerve cells and endocrine glands, the reinforcement of the immune system, the improvement of the ability to cope with stress, and it allows to get rid of chronic inflammatory processes.

Thanks to anti-age therapy, constant fatigue and insomnia disappear, memory and sleep quality improve, libido increases, performance efficiency and overall activity grow, and life becomes comfortable and happy.

To grow older but not age is a real thing! At what age should people start going through anti-aging medicine treatments?

Of course, the sooner the better, because it is much easier to prevent the progression of negative processes, rather than use all available methods for their elimination afterwards. We can say that we begin to grow old from birth, at the age of 25 our body reaches its physical and functional maximum, and by the age of 30 there are already clear signs of withering.

Therefore, at 25, it is desirable to visit an anti-age expert for the first time to carry out a full examination to detect individual norm characteristics, and evaluate your maximum of physical and functional health. This will be your starting data for further surveys and a treatment order. However, even if you are 50 or 60, you can successfully benefit from the achievements of anti-aging medicine and receive good results.

We ask patients to bring to the first consultation as much information on their health as possible, starting from birth. This may be findings from earlier examinations and analyses, or extracts from medical records and more. At this stage it is very important to gather a detailed and complete medical history, not only personal but also familial, as hereditary diseases and genetic predispositions can severely affect one's health.

Also, a physician queries the patient concerning details about his lifestyle, dietary habits, physical activity, ability to cope with stress and respond to unusual situations, proclivity for irritability and tearfulness, and requests patient to assess the state of the patient's memory and vision.

Each anti-age consultation is completely individual and cannot be standardized. We dive into the unique features of the human body and look for solutions that are desirable and effective specifically for that individual patient. And we will be happy if the best achievements of science in the field of anti-aging medicine can help you stay healthy, energetic and happy for many years.

Aging processes begin already at 25. An unhealthy diet, chronic stresses, a sedentary lifestyle, the use of antibiotics and other pharmaceuticals – such a way of life is, unfortunately, familiar to many people. Towards the age of 30, the hormone balance is disturbed under the influence of adverse factors, as hormones are involved in the physiological process of cell renewal. Under the influence of toxins the genetic background "shows its bad side", contributing to the development of serious diseases.

As a result, by the age of 40, we begin to ask troubling questions: "What were the first signs of my aging? My spectacles? My left knee? My memory ? “Of course, aging primarily affects the skin and the body figure. In an effort to retain their youth, many choose to lift up the face and the body to look at least youthful. But this does not provide protection against chronic diseases, stroke, heart attack, and it does not prevent the onset of senility and other "gifts" of old age. The aging process begins inside our bodies.

Does anti-aging medicine always involve a personalized assessment of the risks of disease development?

Absolutely! There are, of course, the usual rules, such as "smoking is harmful, because due to smoking the risk of stroke or lung cancer increases". But at the same time someone may smoke all their life and not be affected by these diseases... Therefore, everything depends on the individual particularities of the organism. The task of anti-aging medicine is precisely to identify the individual risk factors for age-related changes and offer the patient a program for their prevention.

What methods of diagnosis are used in anti-aging medicine?

First of all, traditional, clinical methods. Secondly, as the quality of life is measured, a series of questionnaires and scales are used to, for example, detect mixed anxiety-depressive disorder or to assess general psychological well-being. Also hormone level detection and hormone replacement therapy both for men and women are of great importance. There are also special, quite expensive methods: DNA diagnostics, telomere length measurement...

Are there any drugs today that are directly focused on the prolongation of life?

I would like to make note right away that the prolongation of life itself is impossible. Modern gerontology has come to this conclusion, and it is not worth it to delude patients, promising them the prolongation of life. The maximum life span for the human species is 120 years. There are a few people, who come to this limit. And such phenomena should be handled with great care, because in fact there is no documentary evidence of the longevity of inhabitants of specific regions (birth certificates, records in parish books, etc.).

So, it is impossible to increase life expectancy, but it is possible to achieve active longevity and improve the quality of life. For example, at the age of 60, one patient may stay in bed all day, because he has anxiety-depressive disorder and he does not want to live, but another may practice sports, work, travel, love, etc. But it is impossible to extend active longevity with any drugs.

A rejuvenating potion does not exist. Today, the Metformin drug is a buzz word for many people, and it is prescribed for type 2 diabetes and can really contribute to the prevention of cardiovascular disease, that is, indirectly extend active longevity.

But some physicians prescribe Metformin to increase life expectancy, as currently there are few studies that confirm its anti-aging effect, so it is still controversial.

Therefore, I outline that anti-aging therapy involves a complex of therapeutic and rehabilitation measures that are tailored to the individual data of a specific patient.

Are beauty therapists and their clients ready to adopt this kind of knowledge?

The majority of patients and many doctors still act under the principle "Veni, Vidi, Vici" in an effort to get rid of some aesthetic flaws and without thinking about their true causes. Consumers of cosmetic services for the most part do not have medical knowledge. A housewife, who came to a beautician to smooth wrinkles, may not even guess how physical activity and a proper diet may influence her appearance. But we should teach her. If beauticians would tell their patients during treatment about the basics of a healthy lifestyle, they would perform two important tasks simultaneously: they would promote active longevity and improve their professional status in the eyes of patients.

A healthy lifestyle is a global trend, and I hope that more and more people will follow it. The Soviet concept that the health of workers is in the hands of the state is wrong anyway, and the idea that someone else should take care of your personal health should be forgotten.

Extending active longevity, improving quality of life and, consequently, appearance are the tasks that modern anti-aging medicine is able to solve, but only if patients are personally interested.

Every life meets its sunset years. But each of us, when aging, wants to have quality from those years lived. This is a basic and natural expectation for a person! We want to grow old, while maintaining a good form, remain attractive and cheerful, have a healthy appearance, abilities, vitality, strength, and stay in good spirits. We also wish to preserve a keen memory and a sharp mind, capable to bring joy, make plans and amaze. In general, we want to attain a high quality of life. Modern methods of rejuvenation confirm that we can grow up, but not grow old over the years!

For me, anti-aging is a progressive trend in a modern medicine, a holistic approach to address the problems of aging, which makes it possible to detect aging processes in all the systems of the human body at the cellular level, and to take all possible measures to resolve them.