Zaychishka Style
Joined Meer in September 2014
Zaychishka Style

At an early age Zaychishka was approached by a modeling agency, turning them down with the decision in mind to focus on her studies. Forgetting the call from the fashion world she ended up studying Psychology, Political Science and Law. However, one day she decided to take the inspirations from her daily life and put them out, and into the blogging world creating Zaychishkastyle: a blog dedicated to Russian and Ukrainian Fashion. But, by no means will you find that she's limited to addressing current trends, or Fashion Designers who re-interpret florals, to nautical themes in their collections yearly. With Zaychishka’s penchant for reading and traveling, she often writes about history, culture, and cuisine for her readers. Lately she’s been focused on her blog, and interviewing up and coming fashion designers. One of which who’s had the luxury of designing custom made pieces for Natalia Vodianova, and her charity the Naked Heart Foundation.

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