In the fashion and beauty industry, hair can be as great a statement as a designer handbag. Hair also happens to be a part of a multi-billion dollar industry, and there’s no denying the fact that women spend a great deal of time, and money on their hair. Think shampoo, conditioner, masks, or serums. They are all pretty standard beauty items women buy throughout their lifetime to aim for enviable hair that would make even Lady Godiva proud of.

Recently I purchased two sets of clip in hair extensions. I know it sounds excessive, but there’s no such thing as having too many pairs of shoes, right? Well the same thing applies to hair extensions. This was a decision I made based on not being able to grow my hair those extra inches within a short period of time. My own hair is currently sitting at medium length, and I’m hooked on the option to have long, luxurious hair within a matter of minutes.

As I put in each weft, to extend the length of my locks I feel as if I’m transforming myself into a model, and I like to imagine myself walking the Victoria’s Secret runway. It’s not a secret that we often tend to covet the long tresses of the VS models, idolize Bridget Bardot’s iconic hairstyles, or pine away while browsing instagram to see who Guy Tang has balayage’d this time. There’s also countless youtube videos, and beauty gurus who are dedicated to showing us how to style one of the most malleable parts of our body.

But our affair with hair is not something to scoff at, it’s a part of our identity. Remember when Gisele Bundchen shocked us in Balenciaga’s 2014 campaign? Her hair was not what we were used to seeing, instead of being long with those enviable beach waves, it was short taking on a boyish cropped style. While most played the guessing game whether Gisele lopped off her hair for a campaign, in reality the model never had gone through with it. All Gisele had to do was wear a prosthetic cap, get a body double, and with the magic of digitalization- voila instant boyish crop without a single signature tress being harmed on Gisele’s head. You see, this is where identity, and feeling like oneself comes into play. Gisele has been quoted as saying that she would never go back to short hair (she’s tried it once, and hated it). Throughout the majority of her career she had pushed to use wigs on shoots. Around the time of the Balenciaga campaign she stated that her long hair gave her confidence, and that her signature wavy hair was “more me”. Gisele is just one of the many examples, illustrating how important hair can be to ones own identity.

Now as for my experiences with clip in extensions, I feel as if clip ins help to exaggerate the femininity I already possess. They add another layer of confidence, and an element of versatility to my beauty arsenal. Sometimes I enjoy my hair extensions more than a good pair of heels, as it allows me to play a different role. I like to think of those roles as being a seductress, or a mermaid who’s lost her tail in favour of a pair of legs. Or better yet, I play my own doppleganger. Anyways ladies, whether your hair is as long as Rapunzel’s or as short as Linda Evangelista’s famed bob circa 1989, I’ll divulge something to you. Ladies with shorter hair you have an advantage over your long tressed sisters. As I’ve learned from my experience with clip in extensions,you have the option to have short, or long hair anytime. You are the lucky ones who get to have that versatility with your hair, without a trip to the hair dresser. So don’t let girls with long hair get you down, trust me you have the best of both worlds. I won’t make a list of all the pro’s, but if I were, it’d be a long one.