The time has come to say farewell to the year 2014! But before we start to ring in 2015, letʼs say farewell with a quick recap of 2014ʼs memorable fashion moments. Like the years before we have seen trends filter from the Parisienne runways, finding them on concrete catwalks worn by the fashion conscious, and street style stars alike. We are also used to laughing, gasping and saying our farewells to those who have shaped the fashion industry, this year was no exception.

2014 was the year where we saw Moschino charging a hefty price tag to wear Mcdonaldʼs inspired employee uniforms. We also laughed over tales of Karl Lagerfeldʼs Chanel supermarché runway show inspiring guests to attempt sneaking off with the fashion houses props. I can’t blame them if I were attending the supermarket themed show, Iʼd at least try to take home a box of Coco Flakes, especially if I purchased a Lait de Coco Chanel bag! (You canʼt have Coco Flakes without Lait de Coco after all!)

While Chanel and Moschino stunned us with their take on breakfast and fast foods, we also saw a rise with trends, and designer collaborations alike. The popular designers were Vika Gazinskaya for & Other Stories, and Alexander Wang for H&M. Alexander Wangʼs collaboration wasn’t only successful but it brought forth the trend of Athleisure.

His use of neoprene, form fitting leggings, and inclusion of boxing gloves re-invented wearable athletic apparel without that “too casual vibe”. Trust me, I’ve seen athletic apparel taken too far, I come from the city thatʼs notorious for wearing yoga pants everywhere, anywhere and anytime. But I’m just happy that my city did not invent 2014ʼs most talked about trend of Normcore. A trend that lead to hoards of individuals rifling through their moms closest for that cool pair of slouchy, high waisted mom jeans from the 80ʼs. ( Yes that’s sarcasm) Anyway, we can learn from this trend, normcore has taught us that there is such a thing as being too casual.

As for the moment in 2014 that has left some of us without a dry eye, it is the moment where we had to say farewell to Oscar de la Renta. He was the one who taught us that “ to be well dressed, you must be well naked” and that “Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself”. I don’t think women’s evening wear will ever be the same without him, and his great imagination.

Well dear readers I won’t leave you with a sad note, I wish you all a happy 2015, and by the way I canʼt let you go just yet! So quickly I’m just going to leave you with some of the trends that might be popping up this year! Black and white is coming back once again, but if you are tired of that shade combo, blue and white is going to be popular (in fact, it’s the new black and white). The always chic and all white ensemble is in the mix, as well as the colour yellow. Plus the beret is rumoured to be making a comeback. Something tells me 2015 will leave me with wistful Parisienne thoughts and a craving for camembert cheese. Enjoy the happy, new year!