Jacinto Ondo Mikue

An independent artist, writer, and digital marketing specialist from Malabo, Equatorial Guinea. Currently completing his medical studies at Jinan University in Guangzhou, China. He is also the co-founder of Stars Fusion Studio, a Record Label based in Guangzhou, China. Founded in 2018 with three other Chinese partners. Jacinto Ondo, who is also artistically known as Moss J, Moss Ja, or Moochi, was born on 28th April 1993 in the city of Malabo, Bioko Norte, the capital city of Equatorial Guinea. Where he lived and studied till the age of 15, when he moved to Douala and Kumba in Cameroon for secondary and high school, and then moved to Guangzhou, China in 2014. He currently resides in Guangzhou, China and is working towards earning his Clinical Medicine degree.

In his early years and childhood, Jacinto lived in Malabo with his parents, where he helped take care of the family business after school. He fell in love with urban culture at the age of 7, which led to his abnormal and undying love for Hip Hop. That undying love led to “everlasting” rap and street dance sessions. Where he started navigating his creativity through song writing, choreography, and drawing. Although he seemed to have had a happy and interesting childhood, Ja had problems with following rules, so he wasn’t the “perfect” kid in a Christian household. And that behaviour got worse when he welcomed puberty, which eventually led to him being sent to a boarding school in Cameroon at the age of 15.

Ja moved to Cameroon in 2008 at the age of 15. He resided in Douala with a Cameroonian family, where he only stayed for the holidays. He then moved to Kumba for school after the holidays, at the Presbyterian High School Kumba (P.H.S Kumba), where he spent most of his life in Cameroon. Ja spoke only Spanish and broken English (Pidgin English) when he moved to Cameroon, but living in Douala (a French-speaking region) and Attending School in Kumba (an English-speaking region), gave Ja the advantage of picking up two more international languages. This huge advantage helped him easily navigate through a life where he met people who communicate through one of these languages.

After his graduation in 2014, Ja went back home to Malabo in Equatorial Guinea, where he spent the summer with his family, but also unexpectedly left for his next journey before the end of that summer. Ja arrived in China in August of 2014, where he started his journey with Chinese language studies at the South China Agricultural University. Where he only stayed for a semester and decided to move to Jinan University, where he earned his Chinese Language Proficiency Certificate and kept pursuing his medical degree.

Although going through secondary school, high school, and college as a science student, Ja never forgot his undying love for Urban or Hip Hop culture. His moving to China ended up being one of his biggest blessings, as it gave him the opportunity to express himself through art and become a professional artist. This led to him becoming the co-founder of Stars Fusion Studio, which is one of the most successful independent record labels in the underground Hip Hop scene of Guangdong Province in China.

You might know him as the entrepreneur, the artist, the writer, or the doctor, it doesn’t matter because no matter the identity you see, they’re all the same Ja.

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