Happiness is the superpower that drives the mind, body, cells, and every little particle of the human being. Some people might say you don’t require happiness to survive, live a normal life, or succeed in your daily life battles. But guess what, people have found out that all these things can’t be achieved without happiness. The trick is that happiness appears and manifests in many ways. Mental health experts have gone deep in discovering that the way, type, and form of happiness depends on the individual. What makes others happy and the way they manifest their happiness might be completely different from the way you manifest or show your happiness. And that’s why people have to be careful and aware of what makes them happy and how they often manifest their happiness. Because if not well managed, it would lead to a constant and long life of unhappiness.

It has been mentioned that happiness, if not well managed and understood, would lead to long-term sadness or unhappiness, so, knowing the factors of unhappiness or factors that might lead to unhappiness is a key to living a happy, self-sufficient, and satisfactory life. These factors often slide into our lives in smaller doses to the extent that we tend to ignore or recognize their existence and that is the main reason they often prevail. People often shift the focus to a different direction, even end up blaming others, and always forget to focus on that one responsible entity, themselves. Often when unhappiness comes, we just need to slow down, look internally, and right there, we can find those factors that lead to us being unhappy in the first place. These factors are so common and simple that they exist in all ages and all stages of life. They are like viruses and cancers, so dangerous that if not cut off, they end up destroying and ruining everything you’ve ever worked for. So, beware, don’t be a victim.


Humans were created with all the advantages in the world, they were given all the powers needed to the able to conquer, win, and control the world. But that power came with a strange curse, the curse of dissatisfaction. People keep wanting more, and even if what they have is or seems good enough, they still end up comparing themselves to others. That funny phenomenon exists in all stages and all corners of life. People compare their lives, jobs, cars, partners, and achievements to others. People go to the extent of comparing their parents or children to others. It feels like a never-ending curse that destroys lives, families, corporations, and businesses. One main problem is dissatisfaction. People keep wanting more, especially what they can’t have and what they don’t need but feel like they need it.

This problem is easy to solve, people have just discovered that everything is not meant for everybody. Nature, God gives according to needs and power. If you need it and can handle it, then it might be given to you. And when you get it, close your eyes and appreciate it, don’t be tempted.


We just mentioned comparison, some people compare and compete, but that might be because they are natural competitors, always looking for the best, and always searching for improvement. But we have the other group of people who compare and just get polluted. Their energy changes completely, and end up hating anything and anybody. They are the kind of people that get jealous of children and pets. When jealousy comes, it leaves a lot of insecurities and fears, people start feeling entitled and feel like nobody else deserves anything good. They lie to themselves that they are better than everybody, and they get consumed by an inferiority complex, feeling the need to fight everybody. They are in a constant battle with themselves and others. Everything else comes in, but it’s all negative, and happiness goes away. We need to learn to accept the fact that people are better than us in certain aspects of life and that people also deserve positive things in their lives. We need to be comfortable with seeing others win and be happy for them.


Greed and Jealousy share the same energy in life. Greediness is that negative energy that leads to the downfall of great leaders and overachievers. Whenever we feel so comfortable with putting ourselves first in every situation of life and feel uncomfortable with giving or sharing resources, unhappiness comes in. Because the truth is, we know we are greedy. We all know when we don’t feel like sharing or putting others first. We keep thinking we don’t have enough even with abundant resources, and we never stop taking. We take from everybody, even from the have-nots and less privileged. Greediness is a negative energy that just takes, takes, keeps taking, and keeps wanting more. We get so consumed that we’re unhappy even when taking from others and not willing to share. It’s a complicated feeling, but one thing is for certain, it’s bad and leads to unhappiness.


There is jealousy, and then there is envy. Envy is a natural state of mind, it’s easy to be envious of others, their lifestyle, achievements, and whatever. It happens, and everybody can be a victim of that. In some cases, there is nothing else after envy, and it might even lead to admiration and worship. But in other cases, it leads to jealousy. It’s all a chain of complicated emotions that can easily be avoided with a positive view of life, but if not managed, they lead to unhappiness. We look at people’s lives, and we compare our real lives to what we see or feel about them. Then we convince ourselves that they somehow are better than us, and we get envious. And right before we cool down, jealousy comes in to close the deal. That is how lives get destroyed.


How can fear cause unhappiness? Most people are unhappy because they are afraid. Afraid of anything and afraid of doing anything. In this current society we live in, people are bombarded by fear, and if there is no fear, fear is instigated into people just to get them to do something. People have been programmed to be afraid to the extent that they end up creating fears for themselves even when they are right. Mental health experts support the belief that some level of fear brings a positive attitude in life, especially with achieving our goals, but excess fear and long-term fear might lead to other mental problems like anxiety, and that brings unhappiness. People have so many fears, the fear of lack of resources, the fear of not being good enough, the fear of failure, and even the fear of having fear. It’s all a rollercoaster of emotions leading to unhappiness.

Happiness comes and manifests itself in many ways, understand who you are, what you can do, and what you have achieved. Be positive, and avoid comparing your life and yourself to others, then you might easily be free from unhappiness.