Creativity is the biggest problem in the heart of an artist. Artists, no matter big or small, from da Vinci to Picasso, from Kanye West to Kendrick Lamar and even to the oldest kid who just fell in love with a distorted drawing, all are unique entities but share a common problem. The ultimate and insatiable fear of the lack of creativity.

Imagine you pick up a project, excited, full of joy and imagination. Without wasting time, you dive in, confident and assertive. You struggle with the introduction, but then catch up along the way. Your confidence level keeps rising. You get more excited, but to your greatest surprise, you get stocked in the process. This seems unreal, but it’s the reality of every artist. The point of no return. So many projects get thrown away, like kids unable to see the light and feel appreciated. All due to a common problem, the lack of creativity.

Humans, not artists, but all humans, spend a lifetime searching for ways to be able to unlock deeper levels of creativity. These extraordinary levels of creativity are the ones responsible for making Picasso be known as Picasso, da Vinci as da Vinci, and Virgil Abloh as we all know him, the greatest artistic inspiration of our generation, Virgil Abloh.

Now, how do we unlock deeper levels of creativity? What steps and habits can an artist or inspired upcoming artist follow in order to be blessed with the greatest power of the universe? Read below, and learn these habits inspired by a creative genius, Rick Rubin, one of the greatest music producers that ever walked the face of the earth.

1. Use other projects as a motivation

Using other projects as motivation is going to apply pressure. The pressure of knowing that you got more work to do would unlock your creativity in unimaginable ways. Although it sounds destructive because some people might struggle with the problem of jumping from one project to another without a definite outcome. And that is why deadlines are set. You get to start with the most important project based on time, and then use the other projects as a motivation whenever you feel stocked. Pause for a moment, pick up your calendar, and get a glance at the next projects. It would surprise you, the level of motivation and inspiration hidden behind trying to solve other problems while you have one at hand.

2. Don’t be a perfectionist

This should be the easiest one since we all believe that nobody is perfect. But here is the thing, human beings are cursed with the plague of perfection. People fail to achieve success just because of a little fix. Some people even refuse to start just because they spend a lifetime waiting for the perfect moment, the perfect opportunity, the perfect idea. There is nothing like a perfect idea nor a perfect plan, you get to figure it out along the way. Just start and keep moving. There are more challenging days ahead, so you keep moving, until you eventually see the light. Yet you never attain perfection, just satisfaction, and that would be enough.

3. Act and think like a kid

Do you remember years ago when you were asked what you wanted to become when you grow up? You never thought of difficulties, barriers, or problems. You just said it, because you visualized, and believed you could make it. When you had a toy, you made it do the impossible. I see kids making cows fly, it’s a normal thing in that world. What about when you sat on a chair? You thought it was a horse, a car, a plane, or a boat. Not to mention the times you felt like a Hollywood movie star, always improvising missions with no rules or boundaries. You felt special, and it was magical because you felt unstoppable. If you want to unlock deeper levels of creativity, think, act, and live like a kid, especially during your creative process. Think and become unstoppable.

4. Evolve

Change is hard and painful, but guess what? That’s life, because everything worth earning is hard and painful, and that is why there is a price tag attached, and that price is evolution. You have got to evolve to unlock deeper levels of creativity. Change your style, your environment, your diet, and the way you look at life. Evolve in order to be different, so that your eyes can see, ears can hear, and heart can feel, secrets hidden from common humans.

5. Disengage

This is a problem that seems to have no solution, especially in the era of social media. People consume so much information, and it gets harder to be able to disengage. Learn to disengage, simply by stopping thinking of that painting, that song, that article, that movie, or whatever you’re working on. When you get to that point where everything starts to seem daunting, tiring, and confused. Just stop, leave, and disengage. Spend time with your family, friends, nature, or just sit and do nothing. You’ll realize how beautiful it all looks when you get back to work. It all clears up, and you start seeing hidden information so deep that you get to complete your work with high accuracy and satisfaction.

6. Look for clues

Back in point four, we said evolve. Because when you evolve, when you undergo deep, drastic, and meaningful change, your eyes can see, your ears can hear, and your heart can feel the secrets hidden from man. Now imagine you evolve, but can’t see the clues, not because they’re absent, but because you’re too blind, reluctant, and lazy to see. And all that because you refuse to look for clues. Listen and look carefully for changes and information. Clues are often hidden in sounds and visuals, so you better listen and watch carefully. It might be that idea that just popped up from nowhere, a new sound you never expected to hear, or a distortion. Remember, you are an artist, art is weird and abstract, and creating art is what you do.

In a nutshell, always have a good number of projects on your waiting list, have fun when working on them, and don’t be a perfectionist thinking that you know it all. Act like a kid, ask questions, and try to figure out many other possibilities. Evolve and look for change. There is no art without a vision, and being stocked in one place is of no good. Disengage, feel free to focus on other things while you’re not working, and understand that your friends, family, and hobbies are also a very important aspect of your life. And when all is set but still lacking a finishing kick, try looking for clues. Watch out for the signs the universe throws at you because when you do, you will unlock extraordinary levels of creativity and you will be able to create art that speaks volumes.