Dorota  Okrasińska
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Dorota Okrasińska

For Dorota Okrasinska, writing is a form of expression between the outer world of experience and science and the inner spiritual space of every human being. In writing she sees the gift of connecting these two worlds, which are an integral part of every human being who is an observer and participant in his or her own life. This is why her motto is to live a life of mindfulness, which allows for a conscious experience of life and the art of interpreting it.

She grew up near Wrocław in Poland, a city famous for dwarves, which are symbols of its inhabitants. It was there that she completed her master's degree in pedagogy and took her first steps as a teacher. Education was her first source of inspiration, where she could observe the causes of human behaviour and the formation of human traits and relationships from an early age. Then she moved to Krakow, the city that was the seat of Polish kings at Wawel Castle, not far from where she completed her postgraduate studies in educational management, and shortly afterwards coaching and tutoring in education. In Krakow, she gained experience in being a director of a care centre and in the organisation of cultural events until the pandemic, during which she stayed in Sweden in Helsingborg, teaching at an IB international school. There she started writing her first articles intensively, being inspired by the new culture, as well as observing human relationships in the face of a time of crisis.

Dorota was writing for the science magazine, Entrepreneurship - Education, indexed by the Polish Ministry of Science and Higher Education. Subsequently, her article was published in London in the journal Hermes, one of the highest rated philosophy journals in England. Soon she began publishing for another ministerially indexed journal Society. Education. Language and her first monograph chapter was published in a book, a transcript of an international conference 'Women, society and law: from Roman law to digital age' by Malgorzata Eysymontt and Carmen Lázaro Guillamón.

She is currently living back in Poland, in Szczecin, a city in the north of her country, close to the Baltic Sea and neighbouring countries, where she teaches at an international school for early childhood education and English, she lectures also bibliographical research sources. In the same time she is preparing her debut book, the inspiration for which she has gathered over the past years of experience and travel. All her educational experiences refer on a literary level to the human’s nature, which is shaped from childhood.

Dorothy's main literary interests are mental health, mindfulness, relationships, philosophy, science and culture. Her mission is to draw people's attention to the art of living their lives fully, in harmony with nature and the cultural heritage. In her articles, she evokes philosophical and psychological assumptions, referring to scientific and cultural achievements, drawing the reader's attention to timeless values. Thus, her idea is to make the viewer reflect deeply on the current world, expected and lost, in the context of a multicultural analysis.

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