Yara Arkadan
Joined Meer in August 2022
Yara Arkadan

Yara Arkadan, living in the city of Beirut, Lebanon is a passionate content writer and copywriter. She speaks English, Arabic and French fluently but prefers to write in English.

She is passionate about fashion, entertainment, wellness, and skin care. During her free time, she enjoys watching series, and movies, reading self-help books, working out, discovering various cultures, and blogging. From a young age, she finds escape in writing and considers it a powerful way to express feelings and send out a message.

Her passion for writing motivated her to pursue her career in the writing and editing field. She started off by writing for Kyla Magazine, an online magazine based in the UK. Then, Yara developed her skills and experience by joining marketing and advertising agencies. She also takes freelance projects.

Yara aims to pursue her education in Journalism and start her own blog to share her passion and experience with people from around the world!

Aside from that and even though it is outside her field of studies and experience she dreams of starting her own organic skincare brand. This will need lots of research and studies to learn from. Until then she’ll keep on creating stories and content to reach and influence as many readers as she can.

There’s still a long way to go and a lot of things to learn from. But, no matter what she is determined to reach her dreams and follow her passion!

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