I don’t know about you, but I find it increasingly difficult these days to trust a show’s longevity. When I commit to a series, I invest my time and give it all my attention. It has my curiosity, my eyes, ears, and, if it’s moving or inspiring, it has my heart. And it will remain there for years and years. Sometimes, the new ones take a while to be captivating or completely sail off into the horizon as though they were never truly here. Which is why I have selected some series that stood the test of time and have captured my soul. I would be honored to share them with you.

The office (U.S. version)

Don’t get me wrong, the United Kingdom version’s success is the reason why there is an American one. But there’s something about the American comedic flair that elasticates the series giving it more room to be relevant over the course of many seasons. One of the other reasons why it’s got the longevity and the laughs is the performance of the lead actor played by Steve Carell. But after seven seasons playing a branch manager at a paper company, Carell called it quits and the show slowly started to sink. The series went on for two more seasons before being cancelled and was held together by a remarkable supporting cast who had comedic talents of their own. It’s a series that you can binge, that will make you laugh, and that would keep you wanting more.

Malcolm in the middle

Another classic television series from the early 2000s which launched the careers of most of the main cast on the show. What’s great about this series is that it has the longevity you need to fully appreciate the characters’ growth and the comedy to keep you entertained throughout. It’s probably one of the least known shows by the current generation due to its limited release on streaming platforms but it is certainly one of the best comedies to come out of the United States. It also launched the dramatic career of Brain Cranston who went on to star in Breaking Bad.

That 70’s show

This show ticks all the boxes. It’s funny, it’s sexy, it’s a period piece with a lot of goofy, zany, and incredibly stoned teenagers who desperately want to hang out down the street while having a good time. It’s another show with multiple seasons, 8 to be precise and another one of those awkward casting reshuffles. Once Topher Grace, the actor who plays the lead teen Eric, leaves, the show is never the same again. But for the 7 seasons that he was there, the show was a roaring success and an ultimate feast for binging. What really centers the incredible cast of teens are the parents played by Debra Jo Rupp and Kurtwood Smith. They appear again on the latest Netflix re-boot of the show entitled “That 90s show.”

Well, those are some longstanding comedies that you should be able to enjoy with a snack and a drink for many days and months to come. I recommend starting The Office from season 2 as season 1 is almost a copy of the UK version. The show hadn’t really found its footing. As for Malcolm in the middle, you can hop around from season to season as there’s no linear chronological storyline. For the most part, they are stand-alone episodes. And finally for That 70’s show, enjoy the thrill ride of hopping back in time to a decade where the jokes were laced in a green haze.