The Oscars have not disappointed this season with their slate of best picture nominees. They have a movie that appeals to popcorn audiences as well as the more refined and discerning viewer. Here are the ten movies nominated:

All quiet on the western front

Director Edward Berger has managed to make Academy Award members care about a World War II movie. He’s done so by creating an aesthetically wondrous film that holds a lot of topical truth. It’s a well-made movie that will get your heart racing and it’s in German. So, you have the bonus of reading as well as watching this mesmerizing movie. Still, I feel it’s a longshot to win.

Avatar: the way of water

A stunning sequel from director James Cameron who knows how to get the best out of his cast and crew. While this movie has an outside shot at winning the top award, it’s still an incredible visual feast that will keep audiences inspired. Certainly, a film that will live long in the memory if not the heart.


Baz Luhrmann’s triumphant return to the director’s chair in this biopic of the famous Elvis Presley has caused many to be blown away by the performance of its lead actor, Austin Butler. But it’s also the visuals and the costumes that help elevate this film into a legit candidate to snag the best picture award from the other nominees.

Everything everywhere all at once

Directed by “The Daniels” (Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert) this movie breaks the barriers of convention and throws traditional storytelling out the window. It’s another film whose actors elevate the movie as most of them are up for personal acting awards. The script is finely tuned with a moving message that earned the trust and respect of the audience. This film might be the sneaky pick that takes home the gold.


A polarizing movie from director Todd Field and ironically so given the journey the main character embarks on. The critics adore this film while mainstream audiences find it to be a bit of a snooze. This is one movie that will try your patience as it takes about an hour for the film to get out of first gear. But Cate Blanchette’s performance is worthy of the 2 hours and 37 minutes. Still, I don’t think this movie will have a shot at winning.

The banshees of Insherin

Another low-key movie that has made a lot of heads spin thanks to the stellar performance from all 4 prominent actors. Directed and written by Martin McDonagh, this movie explores the psychology of friendship, and the lengths people will go to with their stubbornness and pride. It’s a film that has sprinkles of comedy and a dollop of heart all wrapped in a pastry of goodness.

The fabelmans

If there was ever an Oscar-bait for best picture, this one would be it. Directed by the legendary Steven Spielberg, this film transports us into the magical world of movie making and the pursuit to follow one’s dreams. It’s exactly the type of movie ethos that should win the coveted golden statue.

Top gun: maverick

The feel-good movie of the year and maybe the dark horse to take home the best picture award. I say this because Academy members love to spread the awards around and this film might just win the hearts of the voters. It’s a great movie that will move you emotionally.

Triangle of sadness

This movie pokes fun in a sarcastic no strings attached manner on the privileged and the rich something that the Academy members enjoy seeing since they happen to be in that similar tax bracket. I don’t think this movie will win but it’s there because it is an entertaining film that is thought provoking.

Women talking

A slow but thought-provoking movie that inches you closer to the core of the issue. It’s a film directed and written by Sarah Polley and the film is about women empowerment. Certainly, a topical film that will earn the respect of the voters.