José Gabriel Carrasco Ramirez
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José Gabriel Carrasco Ramirez

Jose Gabriel Carrasco Ramírez is a Venezuelan entrepreneur, and lawyer who graduated from Andrés Bello Catholic University, in Caracas, Venezuela, Ph.D. candidate and MSc. in International Law and International Relations. He is an expert in security and defense, a subject on which he wrote the book The Security of the Venezuelan Nation, Theoretical Model.

Committed to making contributions so that the Venezuelan nation freely assumes control of its future, he is an outstanding consultant in Strategic Planning and Prospective, with methodological designs developed by him.

On behalf of the Participatory Group for National Conciliation, he was involved in the peacebuilding processes in Venezuela, led by the Organization of American States and the Carter Center, in 2002 and 2003. Since then, he has always made proposals for solutions in the different processes of interaction in the face of the complex crisis of political stability that has been maintained in Venezuela until today.

He is the Author of Evillnes Cahoot, published in Spanish as Contubernio Maligno, a book with a strategic analysis that reveals the model of oppression designed by the regime that devastates Venezuela, addressing in detail each of the lines of the malevolent master plan cruelly and systematically applied against of the population, to break their libertarian spirit. According to some analysts, after the publication of this book in July 2022, relevant changes took place in the course of events surrounding the Venezuelan situation, both internally and in the American context, and in terms of immigration and regional security.

In the field of legal management, his professional experience is framed in Human Rights, Public Law, Administrative Law, International Public Law, International Negotiations, Intellectual Property and Trademark Law.

Passionate about computing, for more than 40 years he has been involved with activities in Science, Process Management and Information Technology.

As an entrepreneur, his activities have taken him to sectors ranging from food and beverage, logistics, oil, and mining, as well as technology, innovation, and the environment.

With a firm interest in economic and social development in broad community sectors, he has developed and promoted productive chain projects, focused on economically depressed areas, based on a Sustainable Productive Economic Development Model, methodologically elaborated by him.

In addition to a master's degree in Customs and Foreign Trade, his professional background is complemented by his time in the Public Administration, playing leadership roles in urban planning projects, conservation of historical heritage, tourism, local development, and social work.

His intense professional performance has led him to complete his profile with extensive experience in Organizational Development, Finance, Process Management, and Information Technology. With Leadership in urban planning projects, conservation of historical heritage, local development, and social security work, he is an international consultant on labor and social security matters, an area that he knows from the bottom up, having been a trade union legal adviser.

Among other responsibilities, has been a Consultant to the UNDP Project for Social Security Reform in Venezuela, a Consultant to the Ministry of Labor of Venezuela, an Advisor to the Ministry of the Interior and Justice of Venezuela, a Planning Manager of the Corporation for the Development of the Central Region (CORPOCENTRO), General Director of the Mayor's Office of Puerto Cabello, President of the Corporation for Economic and Social Development of Puerto Cabello, Coordinator of Regional Offices of the Attorney General's Office in Venezuela and Advisor to the Office of the Attorney General of the Republic.

Writer of essays and manuals, he is currently Director of Goya Foods Corp. in Venezuela. He is also the director of Redanálisis Consultores, a company dedicated to developing strategic and demographic studies of a confidential nature.

With a holistic vision of community life, he is convinced of his motto Believe, Create and Do.

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