“I am the reincarnation of Zeus. I am the reincarnation of Zeus!” This is how Nicolás Maduro Moros cried out with his loud voice at the end of the meeting of the Council of Ministers, with several stragglers who witnessed the scene. "I have defeated Typhoon."

It was September 2017 and two exploratory meetings had already been held with the opposition in the Dominican Republic, while the wave of protests that began in January of that year had declined significantly.

A General of the Army, who held the position of Minister, watched stupefied at the moment Cilia Flores was given the nickname of goddess Hera, and when, among jokes, those present began a competition to know who should be nicknamed the god Ares.

Uneasily, the General arrived home late, it was already dawn. His wife was waiting for him to wake, they had many years together. "I'm very confused. The President now told us that he is the reincarnation of the god Zeus. It reminded me of the time he announced that Chavez had appeared to him in the form of a little bird. Or like the meeting where that General went into a trance and with a like Chavez's voice expressed that he was speaking from beyond the grave!

The wife prepared him a linden tea, trying to calm his anxiety. "What's this about him defeating Typhoon?" he asked her, still puzzled.

She went to get a book on Greek Mythology. It took a while to find the story in question. Typhoon was a titan. The only being that was able to overpower Zeus and almost defeat him. This titan attacked the heavenly palaces forcing the gods to flee. Zeus confronted him by chasing after him as he retreated, but Typhon took the harpe from him, severed his sinews, and took him, prisoner. Zeus' tendons were placed in Delfine's custody. But Hermes and Pan managed to steal them to save Zeus, who finally defeated Typhon and imprisoned him under Mount Etna.

Both, the General and his wife, understood that Nicolás Maduro was referring to the protests that had been carried out since the beginning of the year, and the allegory to the defeat of Typhoon was related to the dialogue that started with the opposition a few days ago.

“Now they are going to say that I am the god Hermes!” exclaimed the General. His wife told him not to worry because that nickname was for the Minister of Communication and Information.

A few weeks later, at the end of November 2017, the General would be relieved of his ministerial position for health reasons.

Magical realism

The stories of the Miraflores Palace, under the command of Nicolás Maduro, are plagued with these references that seem to arise from magical realism, a term coined by the Venezuelan Arturo Uslar Pietri, where the strange and the peculiar are part of everyday life.

That is why it is not surprising that in November 2021, after a stealthy visit to the Amazonas State, a Judge, Magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice, asked Vice President Delcy Rodríguez for an urgent meeting with Nicolás Maduro. He had an urgent message to convey to him.

The Vice President called her brother Jorge Rodríguez, President of the National Assembly, to listen to what the Magistrate wanted to explain to Maduro.

The Judge explained that on his trip to the Amazonas State, he had been invited to a ritual with a Chamán from a Yanomami tribe.

After initiating his trance by inhaling yakoana, a hallucinogenic powder that is blown through a kind of pipe into the nose, the Chamán attempted to communicate with his xapiripë protectors: luminous spirits represent the different elements that surround the tribe.

However, the Chamán's interpreter began to explain that three unknown spirits had appeared to him. They had the forms of old women and appeared working with threads as if they were weaving. One of them addressed the Chamán in his language and told him that her name was Aisa and that she had a message for the visitor. He said that Ananké had ruled the end of Nicolás Maduro's regime and that it would not last more than three years. Another of the female spirits took a thread that she had just measured, which was cut by the one who identified herself as Aisa, who said that "what has to be, will be".

The President of the National Assembly explained, a little shocked, that the beings that the Yanomami Chamán had seen were primordial spirits of Greek mythology, the Moiras, spinners of destiny, whose quality is to indicate to each human being, in addition to direction and end of his life, the scope of his works in the future of the cosmos.

The Rodríguez brothers decided to take the Magistrate to tell Nicolás Maduro all this.

The visit of revelation

The mandatory, contemplative, listened carefully to everything that was explained to him.

In a small committee held the next day, Nicolás Maduro rambled on the Chamán's prophecy. He couldn't find where the fall could come from. His only concern, the accusations before the International Criminal Court, were in the process of domination by the then ambassador to that United Nations institution, Gladys Gutierrez, who had reached an agreement to control the activities of the Prosecutor's Office of the International Criminal Court in Venezuela, setting up an office at the headquarters of the Supreme Court of Justice in Caracas, where she would later be reappointed President.

The strong links in the United Kingdom of a law firm in Spain, which had long handled judicial affairs in Venezuela, were forcing economic agreements to bog down the activities of the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court, whose expenses would be covered by a Spanish company in the oil sector with operations in Venezuela.

Seeking a more holistic response, Maduro ordered that a monk in the town of Shirdi, in India, be notified to immediately take a flight to Venezuela in order to consult him personally on the scope of the prophecy.

Three days later, a man dressed in a burgundy robe entered the Miraflores palace. He was a monk who had served Sathya Sai Baba, a spiritual leader whom Nicolás Maduro and Cilia Flores had revered, even going on a pilgrimage to India to meet him.

In a room that had been prepared for the occasion, Nicolás Maduro and a very close entourage talked with the monk. They explained to him in detail the revelation of the Yanomami Chamán.

After several hours of deep meditation, the monk told Nicolás Maduro that what the qismata had revealed was inexorable. After this confirmation, he asked to be taken to the hotel.

The next day, before returning to India, the monk asked to speak with Nicolás Maduro to convey a revelation to him. Maduro, hopeful, immediately had him transferred to his presence.

The monk announced to Nicolás Maduro, what in his moment of rest had been manifested to him by the universe, “The only thing that will allow you to decide on what destiny has arranged for the end of your command is if you do it voluntarily because, If you try to avoid fate, you will be futilely overthrown by treason.”

With that said, the monk asked to be taken to the airport for the intricate flight back to India.

The night was intense.

The denial of karma

Nicolás Maduro decided to wait until after his birthday because he wanted his Vedic astrologers to observe in more detail those that marked his stars with the new solar cycle, but the president could not understand that the balance between karma and dharma had forged the result that stood fateful in his future.

Tired of not finding an answer satisfying him, Nicolás Maduro sent for Aramaipuro Guerrero to entrust him with a transcendental mission.

If he had to leave power, Nicolás Maduro wanted a demonstration of the mistake that this implied. The mandatary felt that the nations had not understood his quality as a world leader, so a continental protest of dissatisfaction against his departure should arise.

To achieve this goal, Nicolás Maduro wanted to expand, and in two years, the network of great patriots militants prepared to start a protest rebellion in order to promote a new dawn, causing the fall of the other leaders of the continent.

To these groups of loyal subversives, he had assigned the code name of shadow daggers. These are latent cells that would have the instructions to carry out excessive violent activities in due course, in the same way, that had been achieved in Chile, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, and Panama, but this time in a coordinated manner to have a continental reach. Code Name: Operation Arms of Shiva, in honor of the Hindu Goddess of Destruction and Transformation.

Approaching the sunset

It was March 2022. Three envoys from Vice President Delcy Rodríguez arrived at the community of the Chamán who had announced the prophecy about Nicolás Maduro. The President of the National Assembly, Jorge Rodríguez had explained to the group that the Chamanes had a connection with invisible forces and spirits of parallel dimensions that are simultaneously integrated into our own dimension, with the ability to affect all manifestations of existence.

They asked to meet with the Chamán, who received them with his customary humility, agreeing to perform a rite to inquire with his xapiripë about what they wanted to know.

Gathered together with the interpreter, the attendees felt a great emotional charge during the ritual.

The xapiripë announced that the recipient of the consultation would not be able to see her aspiration fulfilled. "The mark of destiny indicates that only exile will prevent a fatal outcome." In the later sentence, "This home of life and harmony has received unforgivable wounds and, in the suffering that has been inflicted on it, the screams of pain have opened like jaws the cracks that will devour the architects of this sacrilege."

Back in Caracas, one of the attendees commented to the others that he had a gloomy feeling as a result of the trip by which they returned to the capital of Venezuela. "It is sunset," he said, "the shadows will begin to be seen very soon."