Duane Reed Gallery proudly welcomes back Nancy Newman Rice, presenting her latest collection of colorful, intricate, architectural paintings.

Nancy Newman Rice’s paintings are rooted in the use of Euclidian geometry as the basis of pictorial organization through subtle designs and simplified spatial effects. Her “Sacred Space” oil paintings began as an attempt to define the interiors of identifiable architectural structures by inventing elaborate geometric scaffolding to map the space within the confines of each edifice. As the oil paintings evolved the walls disappeared, seemingly erased by time, and what remained was the skeleton of intangible space, in essence, geometry as a sacred artifact.

She has received awards that include a National Endowment for the Arts/MMA Fellowship for painting, and nominations for a Tiffany Award and an AVA Award in the Visual Arts.

My influences include architectural drawings, the girders of anticipated buildings, and especially the scaffolding that fills those spaces. They are skeletons, placeholders, and evidence of geometry that is the armature of experience.

(Nancy Newman Rice)