Duane Reed Gallery proudly presents “Year of the Dragon,” a group exhibition celebrating Lunar New Year and the excellence of Asian American artists, guest curated by Michelle Lee Rigell.

Approximately two-thirds of Asian Americans from China, Korea, Japan, and Vietnam celebrate Lunar New Year, as a political movement grows to mark the event as a federal holiday. In “Year of the Dragon,” curator Michelle Lee Rigell seeks to recognize Asian American artists who combine cultural traditions/techniques with contemporary motifs and themes in their work.

In recent years, the increase in Asian American representation in the arts and entertainment industry has been phenomenal but so has the rise of anti-Asian sentiment. This exhibition is a celebration of Asian American contribution to the arts and the breadth of Asian American identity, beyond cultural expectations of the “Model Minority.”

The exhibition features Sam Chung, Steven Young Lee, Jiyong Lee, Aya Mori, Harumi Nakashima, Marina Peng, Michelle Lee Rigell, Ria Unson, Victor Wang, Kensuke Yamada, Sunkoo Yuh, Yingxue Zuo, and more.