The Hole is proud to present “Adrift on the Lonely Etheric Ocean”, curated by Brooke Wise. This group exhibition delves into the enigmatic realms of the uncanny, the provocative and fantasy. Inspired by Jeffrey Sconce’s exploration in “Haunted Media”, viewers are invited to navigate the familiar turned unfamiliar- a chilling breeze on a dark night, stirring primal fears and unsettling perceptions of reality. Through a diverse selection of works, the exhibition invites viewers to confront the murky waters of the uncanny in all its eerie glory.

“Adrift on the Lonely Etheric Ocean” transcends mere discomfort, venturing into the realms of the provocative and the fantastical. From works that boldly challenge societal norms and expectations to those that transport us to whimsical and wondrous realms, each artwork offers a unique exploration of the human experience. Andie Dinkin’s dream-like tablescape traverses the blissful blur between the real and imagined while in TM Davy’s pink Tiny Monster pulls us further from the confines of reality and towards the paranormal.

Navigating through the exhibition, viewers encounter works that evoke spine-tingling seduction, provocative contemplation on societal taboos, and fantastical journeys into the unknown- a captivating exploration of the darker recesses of the human psyche as famously explored by Freud. In Aisling Hamrogue’s Blue Bond and Sub Drop we see leather harnesses and masks, hints of BDSM while in Brittany Shepherd’s Satin (Rose) and Sam Lipp’s Fog, seduction is softer in hazy brush marks and rosy pink.

A tease of internet imagery in Catherine Mulligan’s Influencer paired with Gray Wielebinski’s exploration of gender roles, masculinity, and consumer culture, contextualizes the exhibition’s otherwise ambiguous era. Transcending time and the necessity of logic we float towards the dream-like space of Lizzy Gabay’s “Big Sister”.

Brooke Wise is an independent curator based in New York, NY, and Los Angeles, CA. Originally from Montreal, Canada, Wise curates for galleries, spaces, and foundations internationally. Recognized for her charitable art ventures and unconventional curatorial projects, she has collaborated with esteemed institutions such as the Tom of Finland Foundation, Ali Forney Center, and the New York MTA system. Noteworthy among her ventures is her annual comedy film festival Aloha From Hell, benefiting Planned Parenthood, and her donation-based downloadable Fine Art Quarantine Coloring Book, showcasing her commitment to utilizing art as a catalyst for social engagement and activism.