Abend Gallery is thrilled to present “A Road Less Traveled,” a solo exhibition by the renowned Lorenzo Chavez, set to debut at our Cherry Creek venue. Drawing inspiration from the undisturbed corners of nature, Chavez’s latest collection transports viewers to landscapes that promise solace, peace, and a reconnection with the self. Venturing beyond the typical, these pieces echo the beauty and freedom of locations untapped by common footfall. Through meticulous strokes, Chavez urges viewers to embrace the profound clarity and peace offered by these untouched terrains. Immerse yourself in this evocative journey, where the destination promises a timeless union with nature’s vastness.

This exhibition will focus on landscapes of faraway places that take a little off-road travel and some hiking. Places we travel to, to seek solace and gain peace and clarity of our mind and soul. Wide open spaces where we have the freedom to dream and be. Roads where it is not about making good time but making a Good time.

(Lorenzo Chavez)

Born in 1959, Lorenzo Chavez is a renowned fine artist specializing in pastel landscapes of the American West. Born and raised in New Mexico, Chavez draws inspiration from the local landscape and art history of his home state. After graduating with honors from the Colorado Institute of Art, Chavez settled in Colorado, using it as a base to travel and paint throughout the region. His award-winning work is featured in prestigious exhibitions and publications, as well as prestigious private and corporate collections across the U.S. and internationally. As a distinguished instructor, Chavez shares his skills in sought-after workshops.