What we are conditioned to define as the nature of success, as opposed to understanding how success is presented when death awaits our flesh and bones, is the battlefield plaguing our personal prism and confining our progression as a civilization.

It is ever-present torture. There is no escape. Trapped in an existence where the measurement is represented by the ill-conceived notion of a legacy tied to material assets and economical gluttony. The ideology and philosophical mindset only exacerbate the confusion pertaining to identifying and attributing value to people. Members of the human race have no choice but to deal with each other for survival.

Humanity, in which the inhumane profit and are praised for their depraved, destructive, and dubious acts. It’s commonplace in this sandbox known as planet Earth. It’s the norm. A perpetual fueling to deliver comfort for those caught in the middle. They are the masses placed at the center of the tug of war battle between forces who desire to fabricate and engineer an artificial landscape and atmosphere. And those who are aware and fight for the just and real. The allure of living in the superficial and material fog is a density too rich to resist. A temptation whereby people are presented with abundance. They can have whatever their cravings desire to consume, however they wish to absorb it. Just as long as they remain loyal to the dominant authority. They are the ones who perpetuate a systematic overflow of distractions.

This is the actual war. Not the loud noises funneling through our devices. Not the savagery penetrating our eyes. It’s the bird's-eye view. The bigger picture has been around for centuries. That of a poorly constructed articulation of the nature and identity of success. It is possible that we can progress as a race to venture into multiple avenues in which we would have a plethora of possible definitions. All of which would be accepted by those of a certain sensibility, cognitive awareness, and cultural belonging.

In fact, all definitions are plausible. Although the one that lingers like a scar, like a trauma reminder, is the antiquated and primitive definition that an exuberant amount of money and fans opens the doors, It assists and guides the fog-induced people to recognize that this is the one and true definition for success. It’s a maddening, lazy, and sickening reality that shouldn’t be in existence. For if we were real, the likelihood is that the greater majority would value personal growth, would admire character evolution, and would feel eternally grateful towards a random act of kindness.

Enriching the soul would break the shackling handcuffs that imprison those who prostrate to the mighty currency. It would alleviate the anxiety and insecurity felt by those who are educated to be “successful” within those parameters. There would be no confinement and a willingness to grant access. A will to act, to be liberated by the false path which only leads to quicksand.

It’s that sinking feeling that most are aware of and are, unfortunately, rendered with an all-consuming feeling of apathy. There are also people who have reached an authentic awareness. They exhaust themselves through the mechanism of articulation with the goal to define. Then apply the knowledge they acquired and, eventually, reach a certain level of confidence where they can master their enlightened perspective. It is, and has always been, about knowing what we truly want without being influenced by those who impose their agenda. Once clearly identified and the fog clears, the road becomes universal. All paths lead towards wanting peace. That is the global end goal of success for the human race and the everlasting pursuit we sadly may never witness in this lifetime.